Best Harry Potter party ideas, including what food to cook and how to dress

Hosting a Harry Potter themed party requires preparation. Indeed, it is essential to find the right disguise, both for the host and for his guests.

At the same time, it will be necessary to find activities that give a nod to the series. More importantly, you will need to prepare good little dishes highlighting the magical world of Harry Potter.

What clothing for a Harry Poter party theme?

Do you want to make an impression by organizing a witchcraft-themed party? Share a harry potter toy to each guest will not be enough. Every detail, whether it’s the outfits, the buffet or even the decor, must follow.

The disguise will depend on whether you are a girl or a boy. It should be noted, however, that a regular Hogwarts outfit will do the trick in both cases. If you are a girl, think of the heroine of the movie Hermione Granger. Looking a bit geeky, it is the very embodiment of intelligence and beauty. Always ready to help her friends, Hermione is the most popular female character in the movie. To look like her, take an assortment of black or blue-gray skirts and shirts. Then all you have to do is add a tie or a muffler in the colors of the Gryffindor house to complete your costume.

In one evening, do you want to transform into Harry Potter, the main character of the saga? Take a shirt, a tie that you match with the famous invisibility cloak. All you have to do is put on your glasses, draw a flash scar on your forehead and you’re done! The character of Hagrid or Dumbledore can also be of interest for those who want to push their disguise further. Note, however, that this represents a great challenge, even for a regular cosplayer. For information, many specialized brands offer ready-to-wear costumes online. You can order some for a Harry Potter themed party.

What dishes to recall the universe of Hogwarts in his evening?

That’s it, you know how a fantastic atmosphere to your decor? Now is the time to think about the small dishes you will present on D-Day. To give an impression of a feast at Hogwarts, favor english food. Grilled sausages are therefore a must. In this sense, do not forget the small mash that will serve as an accompaniment.

Then there are the English pies known as cornish pasties. Although these are usually stuffed with meats, you can put vegetables in them. As such, Cornish Pumpkin Pasties may well recall the world of witchcraft in which the Harry Potter series is immersed. For dessert, you can alternate cream puffs, pie or pudding.

In the case of a birthday, consider distributing candies in the form of a grimoire or a frog. For the final touch, make a cake with chocolate cream and sprinkled with meringue. This will definitely bring you back to the Wheasley table. Take inspiration from the recipes you find online or call on a professional to ensure that the assembly is successful.

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Best Harry Potter party ideas, including what food to cook and how to dress

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