Parolin and the poor and sick of Kinshasa: “You have passed from death to life” – Vatican News

Parolin and the poor and sick of Kinshasa You have

At the nunciature, the cardinal met on Sunday afternoon with the local religious congregations and their assistants: children, the elderly, young people, handicapped or abandoned by their families on the charge of witchcraft: “You are an example of the love that multiply itself”. To all, the Secretary of State brought the Pope’s comfort: “I will … Read more

The shaman and the doctor: an unlikely alliance to relieve the sick

The shaman and the doctor an unlikely alliance to relieve

Should conventional medicine and alternative medicine oppose each other? the documentary “The shaman and the doctor” shows the collaboration between an anesthesiologist and a Nepalese shaman to relieve patients. The documentary “The shaman and the doctor”, broadcast on Monday October 18, 2021 on France 3 Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, addresses questions that concern or will concern each of … Read more