Christine and the Queens becomes Redcar: change of name, known and daring chorus in music

The detonating Silence of Falk Richter

“While I was working so hard and alone (…) the red cars (red cars in English) that passed punctuated each of my beautiful thoughts“, writes the artist in his notes of intentions. Do not call her Christine and the Queens anymore but Redcar. The artist, who therefore now genders himself in the masculine, entrusts on … Read more

Redcar, the stellar rebirth of an authentic artist

1666492225 Saint Seiya Time Odyssey the return of the Knights

It’s the big comeback of a French pop star this morning in Musicaline. Christine And The Queens is now called Redcar and her new album is out today. To view this Youtube content, you must accept cookies Advertising. These cookies allow our partners to offer you personalized advertising and content based on your browsing, your … Read more

Redcar, Cat Stevens, David Bowie… Changing names in music, an assumed risk-taking

Redcar Cat Stevens David Bowie Changing names in music an

Christine & the Queens, then Chris, then Redcar… Artists sometimes risk a lot by changing their stage name. The history of music is nonetheless dotted with celebrities who have used this process. Don’t call her Christine and the Queens anymore, but Redcar: changing the artist name in the song is a common exercise, from Prince … Read more