Auray – “We walk in the sky”: in Auray, tightrope walkers animate a sensitive neighborhood

Auray We walk in the sky in Auray tightrope

Clinging to the pendulum, Camille advances cautiously on a Kevlar thread stretched above the ground. “Raise your head,” whispers Tatiana Mosio-Bogonga as she helps the 9-year-old girl balance herself. A few meters further on, Jan Naets reassures little Shel’sy: her mismatched socks won’t prevent her from walking in the air. Since their arrival in Auray … Read more

Strasbourg. FARse: Street arts take over their neighborhood

130 artists and 80 performances: this 7th edition of the aptly named FARSe, for Street Arts Festival, has everything to seduce regulars and passers-by taken aback by the presence of a show around the corner. From August 13 to 15, 29 companies will sweep through Strasbourg city center and its surroundings. “Strasbourg also stands out … Read more