With the “lucky girl syndrome”, the Coué autosuggestion method is enjoying a second life on TikTok

1673911572 With the lucky girl syndrome the Coue autosuggestion method is

Are you one of those lucky people who get it right the first time? If so, you’ve probably been struck by the ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’, the new fad that has ignited TikTok since the beginning of the year. Talent and hard work? Very little for these users who rely on autosuggestion to see the wheel … Read more

Douaisis. Six tips for enjoying sunny days from May to October – L’Observateur

After a record year in 2019, tourism in Douaisis obviously experienced a downturn in 2020-2021. But in 2022, it started again. Here are some great tips. 1. E-bike getaways The City Bike Tour had not worked at all in 2020. People were not very reassured to ride in the middle of the city. Douaisis Tourisme … Read more