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After a record year in 2019, tourism in Douaisis obviously experienced a downturn in 2020-2021. But in 2022, it started again. Here are some great tips.

1. E-bike getaways

The City Bike Tour had not worked at all in 2020. People were not very reassured to ride in the middle of the city. Douaisis Tourisme is therefore offering electric bike rides this year on paths a little off the beaten track and less frequented. For example, along the Scarpe, in the parks and gardens of Douai, the slag heaps of Roost Warendin, the mining towns of Frais-Marais or even discovering the riches of the art deco heritage. Your passionate guide will be able to whisper in your ear (using an earpiece) the keys to reading the passing landscape and will show you the best places to take the perfect photos. Morgane completes the speech with information on the various wild plants that grow in our Douaisis and in particular on the slag heaps.

2. A well-being parenthesis with a sophrologist

Sophrologist Anne Riégert invites you to let go and meditate in the urban setting of Douai and its narrow streets as well as in the park of Bernicourt castle or the Bernicourt slag heap in Waziers. One of this year’s novelties: sophrology coupled with beer tasting to awaken your 5 senses. It will be at the craft brewery La Fabriq de Râches (June 3 and September 2 at 7 p.m.) and at the Flamine brewery in Arleux (July 1 and August 5).

3. Getaways in vintage vehicles

In partnership with Douaisis Tourisme, Gaëtan La Spina and the members of the Old Renault Club (CAR) of Douai offer rides in vintage vehicles such as the DS, R8, 4L or 2CV. Along the way, your passionate driver will tell you the story of these old vehicles and introduce you to the nuggets of Douaisis: mining heritage, local stories, gastronomy… There are two types of escapades to choose from: on the roads of la Sensée (Hamel, Brunémont, Aubigny-au-Bac…) or from farms to castles (Raimbeaucourt, Roost-Warendin, Flines-les-Râches…). You will leave in a convoy of around ten cars and several stops are planned, in particular at local farms and museums. You can change vehicles at each stop.

4. Videomapping at the bowling alley

During the last weekend of August (26 and 27), the 4th edition of Videomapping focuses this year on a single site, namely the brand new Douaisis Agglo bowling alley in the eco-district of Raquet. It will take place both outdoors and indoors from 9:30 p.m. to midnight (8 to 10 minute loops). You can take the opportunity to play a game of petanque. It’s free.

5. Old Douai sightseeing boats

In the heart of Douai, let yourself go for a pleasant ride in an electric boat far from the bustle of the city. Along the water, along the gardens and houses with restored facades, the guide will tell you about the essential role of the Scarpe in the history and development of the town. May to September.

6. Douaisis cruises

Embark with your friends on the upper deck of a barge, hair in the wind lulled by the lapping of the water and the anecdotes about shipping and the charms of the banks of the Scarpe told by David, your captain. The cruise can be aperitif-musical, commented or accompanied by a meal. From July to October.

Info and reservations: 03 27 88 26 79 or

A one-euro tourist day for disadvantaged families

In the Douaisis, one in two families does not go on vacation. In 2021, François Guiffard, president of Douaisis Tourisme, had therefore taken a strong political decision by allowing families from 35 municipalities of Douaisis Agglo to enjoy a tourist day at 1 euro. On the program visits to the Belfry, Arkéos and Loisiparc.

Given the success of last year, these “solidarity days” have been renewed. This time, it is also proposed to visit the bowling alley and the local brewery of Râches. To identify the public, Douaisis Tourisme essentially goes through the municipalities and in particular their CCAS or their social centres. It also organizes the bus trip because mobility is often the first obstacle for families. Last year, for example, six buses left from Sin-le-Noble while one coach toured Arleusis. A total of 600 people had taken advantage of it by 2021. “It allows people who have never set foot in the belfry to discover it. The inhabitants are part of our core target. We want to make them proud of their territory” confides François Guiffard.

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Douaisis. Six tips for enjoying sunny days from May to October – L’Observateur

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