With the “lucky girl syndrome”, the Coué autosuggestion method is enjoying a second life on TikTok

Are you one of those lucky people who get it right the first time? If so, you’ve probably been struck by the ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’, the new fad that has ignited TikTok since the beginning of the year. Talent and hard work? Very little for these users who rely on autosuggestion to see the wheel turn.

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“Luck favors the brave”. This well-known proverb suggests that individual skills, mixed with a good dose of audacity, would make it possible to achieve success serenely. But are the most talented people, even when stepping outside the box, certain to reach the top without the luck factor? No, according to the tiktokeurs who, if they have not carried out a scientific study to support their subject, believe that autosuggestion can be enough to bring together opportunities. This is what they call the “Lucky Girl Syndrome”, and it could well be that this new theory, although a tad eccentric, punctuates the daily life of a majority of users of the Chinese social network throughout the world. ‘year.

80 million views

This new kind of syndrome has spread like wildfire on TikTok. The phenomenon is such that in just a few weeks it has garnered nearly 80 million views on the Chinese social network, with a host of videos in which users confirm the validity of the method. Quite surprising, it must be said. It’s hard to trace the source of this trend, but one of the oldest and most viewed videos is attributed to the user Laura Galebé. Facing the camera, the young woman explains the ‘lucky girl syndrome’, arguing that “the secret is to guess and believe before concrete evidence appears”.

In the video, seen nearly 3 million times and liked nearly 500,000 times, the user specifies that she is “one of the luckiest people [qu’elle] know”. She adds : “I have the craziest opportunities that come out of nowhere”. Before concluding : “I always expect great things to happen to me, and that’s always what happens.” In less than two minutes, the young woman has managed to convince millions of tiktokeurs who thank her, and intend to use this energy to fill up on opportunities in 2023. In the comments, some also make the link with the law of attraction which relates to the belief that one can ‘attract’ negative or positive things through thought or visualization.

A few days later, at the end of December 2022, two other users caused a stir by explaining this new kind of theory in turn. In a video titled “How Our Life Changed With Lucky Girl Syndrome”the user Skzzolno and a friend in turn confirm the legitimacy of this method, with supporting examples… A new publication on the subject seen more than 4.5 million times, and liked nearly 800,000 times.

Since then, videos have followed one another to share the success of this lucky syndrome: “How to Activate Lucky Girl Syndrome & Manifest Your Best Life”, “Lucky Girl Syndrome is real and I’ll tell you why”, “I have Lucky Girl Syndrome“, can we read as titles on a host of videos. And some are about to go visibly further: “How to Take Lucky Girl Syndrome to the Next Level”declares a user.

The talent of lazy people?

We know it, laziness is a phenomenon which is also spreading like wildfire at the start of the year, in many sectors including fashion. From there to think that the two syndromes would be linked, there is only one step. And it is all the easier to overcome if you are one of those who are ‘lucky’ to be privileged… This is not to say that luck does not exist, far from it… Beyond beliefs, there are many theories and scientific studies that have been looking at the subject for years, but it is also better to rely on your skills, your will and your determination to achieve success, whatever the field.

Still, the ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’, which also evokes in a way the Coué method, which is also based on autosuggestion, is neither dangerous nor toxic, provided you do not self-flagellate if thoughts negatives arise… As a result, nothing prevents you from making 2023 the year of positivity and optimism, and seeing if this energy will really lead you into a whirlwind of opportunities and happiness. See you in a year…

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With the “lucky girl syndrome”, the Coué autosuggestion method is enjoying a second life on TikTok

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