Déborah, a young Cherbourgeoise, is aiming for the top 10 at the world welding championships

Throughout her preparation for the Worldskills, Déborah Corrette was able to count on her two teachers and all the equipment from the Doucet high school in Cherbourg (Manche). A great help. (©Jean-Paul BARBIER/La Manche Press)

She savors her last moments in the welding room at Doucet high schoolat Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (Sleeve). She is fine-tuning the final preparations alongside her two trainersPhilippe Lecerf and Stéphane Gervaise, and takes care of the last little things.

In the evening of this Thursday, October 6, 2022Déborah Corrette finishes his training. Wednesday, October 12, she will be on the train to leave for the worldskills of welding organized at Clevelandto United Statesfrom October 17 to 20.

“I can’t wait to be there, I can’t wait to finish all this training, these sacrifices…”

Deborah Corrette

Objective: the Top 10

Its preparation lasted three years. For a thousand days, she “eats and sleeps” thinking about welding and competition. First to French championshipstoday at the Worldskills, the World’s Championships. Currently, she repeats the last adjustments, adjusts her gestures, quibbles on the last details.

Employee of thecompany Naval Groupthe Cherbourgeoise has already won the gold medal at the national championships, Lyons in January 2022. She hopes this time “finish in the top 10 in the world” out of 23 participants.

Back from Abu Dhabi

But in the United States, the competition will be fierce. ” The Asians, in particular, Koreans and Chinese in particular, are very strong. They start training at 14, and some, like the Chinese, are promised a house and a car if they win gold! “, explains the Cotentinoise.

Our Cherbourgeoise will only have experience as a reward. And a sacred maturity acquired. She has already been training with Best Workers of France of welding, pushed many doors of specialized school… She has just returned from a week in Abu Dhabithe capital of United Arab Emirateswhere an international competition took place.

“It’s been several years since we had welder representatives at the international level. The evaluation criteria are not the same, so it was important to see the priorities of the experts. For example, they are less specific about the cleanliness of the room when we French people are very sensitive to it. We both updated. »

Stephane Gervaisewelding expert

Thirty identical parts to be welded

Today, Déborah knows her strengths:

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“We have four modules to carry out: a welding qualification, a pressure part, an aluminum sheet metal part and another stainless steel sheet metal part. My strong point is the pressure piece. »

Deborah Corrette

She has already made more than thirty pieces. “It will be this piece that will have to be made during the competition, but the welding processes will be drawn by lot. »

A part of chance that does not worry him. “I’ve already learned so many things, met so many people… I’ve already gained a lot”, she smiles. A few days before take-off, the young lady is indeed radiant and peaceful. “I do a lot of meditation, it helps me. And the competition is just a bonus, life won’t stop there…” Far from it!

Déborah is also impatient to start a 35-hour life, where she can enjoy her family, go out and hike. For three years now she has devoted her life to welding. It is now the last episode, before a new series of history. ” I’ll be back tell my experience I think, share my acquired knowledge”, and maybe even show a medal…

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With her

Déborah Corrette takes on her coach Stéphane Gervaise. Professor de Doucet is also an international specialist in welding. During the competition, he will judge, with about thirty other experts, the pieces of the candidates. “I can only talk to Deborah for half an hour in the morning and in the evening. I will try to support her as best I can, ”he explains. Philippe Lecerf, the other coach, will remain in Cherbourg

> > > Two other Manchois represent France at the Worldskills: Antoine Lepoil, from Vains, is currently taking part in the Mechatronics competition in Stuttgart, and Briac Delaigue, from Lessay, will fly to Korea from October 13 to 16. , for the Enterprise Software Solutions test.

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Déborah, a young Cherbourgeoise, is aiming for the top 10 at the world welding championships

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