Summer holidays 2022: Here are the best ideas for stays at Disneyland for a top stay during your holidays!

The summer holidays for this year 2022 are almost here. Think of a stay in the Disneyland Paris Park!

Have you already planned your activities for the summer holidays? Otherwise ! How about making your little ones happy? Think about offering them a memorable stay in the children’s paradise!

Indeed, we are talking about Disneyland Paris. Just by hearing this good news, we can already guess the mood on your children’s faces. To make them happy, prepare your trip now to the attractive and incredible city of Disney!

Summer holidays 2022: The park’s many play devices are waiting for you to brighten up your stay!

For your 2022 summer vacation, try to break the routine of going to the beach or visiting family. Since it can become boring by dint of being repeated every year! In addition, this is an unprecedented period during which you can rest, take the time to take care of your personal well-being and have a good time with your family! For this purpose, consider doing something remarkable!

Besides, your children would be very happy to share this summer vacation with you! Since in daily life, you are so busy with your work and the chores of the house. The best alternative to achieve this is that you enjoy the same leisure activities during this period. So, to make this dream come true, we suggest you spend a family holiday at Disneyland Paris! Moreover, with the health restrictions lifted, it is possible to travel again.

In addition, the Disney theme park is an exceptional tourist site. It has been arranged to satisfy both the interest of children as well as adults. It should be noted that the Walt Disney universe is divided into two. On one side, there is the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios. On site, you can find 65 exciting attractions for your summer vacation! For example, we can cite the roller coaster, the haunted house, games of toy cars and the Pirates of the Caribbean.

During the grand parade organized by Walt Disney studio officials, your children may have the opportunity to meet their cartoon heroine. Mickey Mouse, Minnie and Pluto will be there! In this way, you can take photos with them to keep memories of this summer vacation. Like the cartoon reincarnation, Disneyland Park also reflects aspects of the Marvels movies!

Where to stay during your stay at Disneyland Paris?

Summer holidays: On the accommodation side, you will have no difficulty finding a hotel that suits your needs and your budget. In addition, their location is advantageous because they are all located near the park. In addition, think about booking now in the hotel of your dreams. To help you find out, we are going to name a few interesting ones!

First, Disney’s hotel New York is the most coveted of all for summer vacation. It is estimated at €306 per night. This is a premium hotel with a setting resembling New York life. To this end, if you are a Marvel enthusiast, this type of accommodation will amaze you in every way! Plus, there happens to be a museum dedicated to the works of your movie heroines in this hotel!

For your summer vacation, Book at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge! The night costs 205€. It is a refuge inspired by the great American national parks. It is believed to be the perfect place for your summer vacation. The hotel is nice to rest after a day of attractions and shows in the Disneyland atmosphere.

Last in this list of hotel examples for your summer vacation, we suggest you choose Hotel B&B! The night is also affordable because it only costs 102€. This summer holiday hotel is quite special compared to all accommodation sites in this city. It is quiet but does not reflect any Disney related animation!

Summer holidays 2022: The best attractions to try during your stay at Disneyland Paris!

In general, all the entertaining attractions of the Disney park are phenomenal . They can all make your summer vacation unforgettable. However, there are some slides that are more interesting than others!

We note among the following games: the Marvel Universe, the Crush’s Coaster, the RC Racer, the Tower of Terror and the Ratatouille. When visiting this park, pass over these interesting devices first! Above all, do not forget tocapture every moment of this summer vacation!

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Summer holidays 2022: Here are the best ideas for stays at Disneyland for a top stay during your holidays!

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