PSG still caught up in its losing DNA in the Champions League

Andrea Agnelli definitely knows nothing about football. The boss of the Juventuswho had lunch with Nasser Al-Khelaïfi a few hours before kick-off, regretted the little stake around Juve-PSG on Wednesday evening. Translation: “It would be more fun in my Super League. False all the way. No source of entertainment exceeds the DNA of PSG in Champions League. We are bordering on relentlessness: fate now laughs in the face of Parisians even when they do things more or less properly. Winner 2-1 in Turin, Paris, leader before the start of the last day, finished second in their pool. What is this sorcery?

Group H before the game

1) PSG – 11 pts, 14 BP, 6 BC, +8

2) Benfica – 11 pts, 10 BP, 6 BC, +4

For any team, a victory in Italy would have sufficed to protect itself from a Lisbon victory in Haifa. In any team, Nuno Mendes’ winning goal on his first touched ball would have been enough. But fans have been saying it over and over for as long as the club has existed: Paris is magic.

Additional time stolen from PSG

In the other game of the evening, Benfica has long imitated PSG. First in front before being joined, the Portuguese returned to the locker room with the score of 1-1, as in Turin. But the dynamics of the game already hinted at two very different second periods. Galtier’s men struggled when Schmidt’s lacked realism. It was only a matter of time before the cork popped. And it didn’t miss.

But all the same. In the 87th minute, the Eagles led “only” 4-1. Then comes the 5th, and the voice of Patrick Montel which resonates in our cranial box: ” THEN MAYBE ? !! ». And indeed, the 6th benfiquista pawn ends up coming out of João Mario’s foot in the 92nd. In stoppage time, the very ones from which the Parisians were exempted against the same Maccabi last week. Punished by a referee who thought he was doing well by being magnanimous towards the evening losers. The butterfly effect, all that.

In the Youth League, the PSG DNA also struck

Result of the races, the two leaders of group H are perfectly equal in terms of points, goals scored, goals conceded and, inevitably, in goal average. A first in history. One more for PSG. Like the remount of 2017.

To decide between the two teams, it was necessary to draw on the goals scored away from home. Again, a cruel irony. A criterion that no longer exists in direct confrontation ends up playing against Galtier & co. Benfica scored three more goals off their bases, game, set and match. The Lisbon people finish first, the Parisians second.

Unpredictable. Unlikely, once again, even if Sunday seismologists will say that a first tremor hit PSG in the afternoon. In the Youth League, the Parisian U19s were held to a 4-4 draw by Juve after leading 4-1 until the 90th minute. The Paname DNA in C1. The one, the only.

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PSG still caught up in its losing DNA in the Champions League

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