Legislative 2022: Nupes candidates from Hérault could not register under the label of their new union

In the Hérault, the 9 candidates of the New Popular Ecological and Social Union submitted their candidacies to the Legislative, this Wednesday. But they were not allowed to register the political name Nupes which brings together the 4 parties, LFI, PCF, PS and EELV forming this union. A summary could be filed before the administrative court.

Happy and proud, that’s it, Nathalie Oziol is officially the Nupes candidate for the 2nd district of Hérault.

Accompanied by her deputy René Revol, she joins the 8 other candidates of the New Popular, Ecological and Social Union. Except that this appellation Nupes, fruit of the agreement between LFI, PCF, PS and EELV is not officially recognized by the prefecture. Hence some annoyance.

The Nupes label was not offered to us. I pointed it out. We are surprised that the political label Together! of the presidential majority is recorded and not ours. We will do what it takes to be Nupes at the end.

Nathalie Oziol, candidate Nupes 2nd constituency of Hérault.

What criteria does the Ministry of the Interior use to accept or not the political nuances? The Hérault prefecture did not answer us, due to the electoral reserve period, but a circular from the Ministry of the Interior dated May 16 specifies the rule of political labels and coalitions. (See our paragraph at the end of the article).

A question that no longer embarrasses Muriel Ressiguier. On the contrary, the outgoing deputy LFI of the 2nd district of Hérault returns to the fight… under the label miscellaneous left. Because although elected outgoing LFI, she did not obtain the official nomination Nupes de Paris. Perhaps she is paying for her freedom of speech during the memorable episode, “L’Etat c’est moi” by Jean-Luc Mélenchon?

According to her, this new union is nothing more than a strategy.

The Nupes is an electoral agreement. It’s not shameful, we have nothing to be ashamed of, but we are not yet in the reconstruction and reincarnation of the left. You can’t get away from respecting your partners… For me, that will happen later.

Muriel Ressiguier, outgoing MP LFI and candidate DVG 2nd constituency of Hérault.

The outgoing MP LFI, who has become DVG, will therefore face Nathalie Oziol, the official Nupes-LFI candidate, in the 2nd constituency of Hérault, with the risk for the very divided left of losing the constituency because there will also be a dissident PS candidate. Fatima Bellaredj and a Lutte Ouvrière representative. This constituency was the only one held by the left in Hérault between 2017 and 2002.

The leader of the Insoumis and the Nupes has threatened to file an appeal to the Council of State in summary proceedings so that the New Popular Ecological and Social Union can be recognized when filing candidacies for the Legislative.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who hopes that this new alliance of the left will allow him to access Matignon, criticized the new political color chart of the Ministry of the Interior for the elections of June 12 and 19. Because it does not take into account the Nupes in the registrations of candidates in the prefecture.

He denounced “a system of permanent deception” from macronie, aiming “to be able, on the evening of the first round, to reduce the breakthrough that we will have made”.

We are going to intervene at the Council of State in summary proceedings to ask that we be recognized in our existence.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, LFI – Nupes.

In a press release, the Nupes regretted that “the macronist camp has decided to separately count the votes collected by candidacies from LFI, EELV, PS or PCF”.
“Yet all share the same program and present themselves to voters under the same banner”, insists the Nupes, which “solemnly calls on the Ministry of the Interior to give up its operation of electoral tampering”.

According to a ministry circular dated May 16, “A shade Together! (Majority
presidential) is created in place of La République en Marche (now called Renaissance), of the Democratic Movement, and including all the allied political parties”.

But the shade New People’s Ecological and Social Union was not created. Because she “brings together candidates invested independently by the parties associated with this agreement”, what “tends to demonstrate the desire for these candidates to remain attached to their party of origin” explains the circular.

“These parties present themselves independently as evidenced in particular by the associations declared under public aid and the audiovisual campaign”she adds.

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Legislative 2022: Nupes candidates from Hérault could not register under the label of their new union

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