Xenoblade Chronicles 3: What are the theories around the Queens of Keves and Agnus?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 invites you to discover two nations that share the lands of the world of Aionios. These are led by two queens which we are going to focus on for today’s topic as we talk about the theories around these two characters.

First theory: Nia and Melia are the queens of Keves and Agnus

To begin, we will come back to the theory that is the most probable or at least, it is the one that comes up the most. It is the one where Nia would be the queen of Agnus and Melia, the queen of Keves. Why do fans think that? Well, there are several elements that can make you think of that.

As we told you about in a previous news that dealt with the two countries, there are many similarities between the nations and the two previous games Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Which can lead to the conclusion that Keves represents Xenoblade Chronicles and Agnus represents Xenoblade Chronicles 2. As a result, we make the connection between the queens who would be among the group of heroes of these games.

This is not all since there are other elements that allow us to come to this conclusion. The first is the dress style of the queens which seems to match those of Melia and Nia. The other element that comes into account is what is located at the level of their head. On the queen side of Keves there are wings which seem to be similar to those of Melia On the other side are the ears that are on the head and which may refer to Nia’s human form and not her Blade form.

With all of the elements listed above, the theory of Melia leading Keves and Nia leading Agnus would really work, but there is another much lesser-known theory that we’re going to talk about now.

Second theory: The queens are related to Eunie and Mio

The second theory is perhaps less probable, but it remains no less possible. Indeed, in view of the elements that we have seen previously, there are details that do not stick, however, the wings and the ears can very well refer to Eunie and Mio. This theory comes from the fact that theone of the members of the Consulate has resemblances to Noah, one of the other protagonists. For some fans, it’sanother version of Noah or rather of a Noah who would have passed the Great Return ceremony however, what we know at this level is that the soldiers return to the state of dust once the ritual and the ten periods have passed.

We therefore do not know what happens afterwards, but we can suspect that there is a kind of reincarnation or that some beings have managed to override that. If this is indeed the case, this second theory is viable and it could be that Mio and Eunie have alter egos who are the queens of Keves and Agnus.

That’s it, that’s all for this news which came back to the two theories around the queens in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. And you, what is your opinion?


The next big title of the Switch comes out at the end of the month and it has the right to its almost daily dose of information. We invite you to come back to the two nations available in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, namely Keves and Agnus. We will see in particular the differences in the gameplay.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: What are the theories around the Queens of Keves and Agnus?

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