Dream of a fall: what is the meaning

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Waking up with a start from a dream about falling is common. But is this a good or a bad omen? Answers.

Like dreams in which we lose our teeth, find ourselves naked in public or unable to scream, dreams of falling are among the most common dreams. It is a particular dream because, depending on when it occurs, it is not interpreted in the same way. It can have a symbolic or physiological explanation. It is particularly common in children, but also persists into adulthood. Dream interpretation is very subjective and there are multiple translations. Here are some ways to understand the symbolism of falling dreams.

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The physiological explanation

When it occurs as soon as you fall asleep – therefore during the first 5 to 10 minutes of a sleep cycle – you wake up with a start. One can even feel this strange sensation in the lower abdomen caused during the fall. This corresponds to the moment when one falls asleep very quickly, which is often distressing. Finding sleep is a loss of control likened to death by the brain. Our drive for life then pushes us to regain consciousness to regain control and we wake up. The fall is a descent into the unconscious, we fall inside ourselves and what our mind hides from us.

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The dream of falling symbolizes boredom

Most often, the fall in the dream is accompanied by fear, reflecting a feeling of insecurity. You feel alone and unsupported, especially when you encounter big problems in real life. The fall can also indicate that one is on a dangerous path and that one must review one’s judgment. A fall into the void may reflect a failure one is facing. Falling down the stairs is a sign of danger that must be feared. A fall in a hole warns us that worries await us. To see oneself falling into the water in a dream means that one is drowned under the constraints and difficulties of everyday life and that one cannot resurface. A fall from a roof portends financial worries, current or future. For a woman, the dream of falling can also occur when she is the victim of sexual harassment.

The dream of falling as a good omen

If dreaming of falling is rarely a harbinger of good news, it can be positive depending on the turn the dream takes. If one falls without being afraid, it means that one is armed enough to overcome difficulties easily. If we get up after falling, it announces that we will triumph over difficulties and our enemies, and that success is at the end of the road. In this case, the dream is warning us to tell us to have courage and be optimistic to face troubles.

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Dream of a fall: what is the meaning

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