Football / Ligue 2. “There is not a 4-goal difference between the two teams…”: FC Annecy is a hit at Guingamp!

It was enough to read the sign at the entrance to the town: Guingamp, small town of character. For the first visit to Roudourou in its history, FC Annecy did not take long to blend into the background. An express integration into Breton customs and habits embodied by the Lajugie/Mendy/Mouanga/Jean/Billemaz iron curtain, a perfect reincarnation of the famous Côte de Granit Rose, the palisade popular with German tourists erected in the sea 30 terminals further north. Like its defensive base, the entire Haut-Savoyard collective stripped down to allow the promoted to regain solidity and honor the local architecture built of stone houses.

Sahi turns the light back on after 232 minutes in the dark

After a first half hour where Courtet was denied two goals, the first for having unbalanced Escales (20e), the second for offside (32e), Annecy was going to sting on its first shot on target. Camara’s poor dismissal ended up in Demoncy’s crampons who immediately alerted Sahi. The Annecy striker pivoted on himself like a top and lodged the ball in the small net of Basilio (0-1, 36e). A release while lately, the FCA attack, Ligue 2 donkey cap pressed on the head, it was more Didier than Drogba.

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In the stadium which revealed the Ivorian star to the face of the world, the Annecy people thus put an end to a dry breakdown of 232 minutes without the slightest goal and the flash of genius of Bosetti against Quevilly Rouen (1-0). A relief, too, for Sahi, silent for six days and his double in Rodez (2-2) in August. Two minutes later, the striker on loan from Strasbourg even came close to breaking after a good serve from Pajot but Basilio made the save (38e) before disgusting Billemaz (41e) after a superb stint with Demoncy (41e).

Stopovers saved by its uprights, Spano on fire

After the rest, luck would smile on the promoted. Twice, Guingamp touched the uprights. By Courtet whose recovery hit the left post after a cross from Gaudin that pierced the entire Haute-Savoie defense (51e) then Barthelmé with a superb curling shot from the left which bounced off the top of the crossbar (57e). Annecy had been hot and will not tremble again until the capital stop at Escales sur Muyumba (81st). Because in the next minute, Testud, launched by Spano, erased Basilio to widen the gap (0-2, 82e) before Kashi, with a powerful strike after a splendid backheel from the same Spano, scored the third goal (0-3, 87e).

Double decisive passer, Spano, returned from a broken collarbone a week earlier, did not stop so well and completed the Annecy trip in person (0-4, 90e). After successful trips to Dijon (2-0) and Metz (0-0), the FCA offers itself a new candidate for the L1 to extricate itself from the red zone. In the land of granite houses, FC Annecy was able to regain solidity and a fiery attack to resume its march forward.

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Football / Ligue 2. “There is not a 4-goal difference between the two teams…”: FC Annecy is a hit at Guingamp!

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