After returning her social housing, Danielle Simonnet found a new fight: clandestine deliverers

The photo is beautiful, and she displays it on her Twitter account: a blond stain, a piece of tricolor scarf in the middle of a human tide of almost all black pizza deliverers. Or this one: always the hair, the scarf and the deputy BIA haranguing this same people of diversity. Danielle Simonnet in reincarnation of Martin Luther King and Jean Jaurès, at the same time. It was therefore Saturday, in Paris, place de la Bastille – as it should be – that the LFI deputy from Paris had come to support the demonstration of hundreds (400 said france blue) of Uber Eats delivery people.

It is the fourth demonstration in a few weeks and, in full sequence ocean vikingit is welcome for the slow spirits who swear by Cédric Herrou and struggle to understand to which chain this link belongs. Indeed, of theocean viking at Uber eats, there is only one step, which the dozens of escapees from the center of Giens cheerfully took a few days ago. Danielle Simonnet is therefore right to put all her little notoriety, acquired thanks to her twenty years of social housing for the town hall of Paris, on this scandal of clandestine pizza delivery men.

They would therefore be 2,000 to have seen their Uber account suspended in recent weeks: all of a sudden, this large philanthropic company noticed that some supporting documents were missing in these files. Which was no problem in the blessed time of the Covid. One of these delivery men, who demonstrated in Rennesa few weeks ago, explains it very well: “Initially, when delivery people registered on Uber Eats or Deliveroo platforms, they did not need to prove their residence permit or identity document. So they signed up, and today they find themselves disconnected because they don’t have residence permits”.

Here, it would be enough just to restore a little order, as when you are asked again for the fifteenth time, your identity documents, family booklet, certificates of this or that to be recruited or simply to apply for a position. Common law, what.

Danielle Simonnet could have called the company and the Minister of Labor to account to put an end to these administrative situations of abusive hiring which would not have to be in a state of law, as they say. This is what Jean-Yves Le Gallou recommends, more logical and Jaurèsian than Danielle Simonnet:

Danielle Simonnet, she prefers the easy slope of regularizations. No originality or courage: this is precisely what the government is preparing to do in the course of its “immigration” law. You know: the story of Darmanin’s “jobs in tension”? With the masterful endorsement of Véran speaking of his restaurateur friend in Grenoble struggling to recruit (the beautiful economic alibi in which BIA and macronism), yet another regularization should allow Danielle Simonnet to find another workhorse. Or the same one in two, three years, when we are replayed the same comedy with the passengers of the Aquarius, ocean viking.

One of these deliverers told france blue his optimism about the outcome of their movement. You know what ? Me too, I’m finally starting to become optimistic, thanks to this Gien-Simonnet potion. And with, of course, a pinch of Meloni, Fournas and Zemmour.

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After returning her social housing, Danielle Simonnet found a new fight: clandestine deliverers

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