Full Moon October 2022: These 3 Signs Will Feel Its EXTRAORDINARY Effects

The Full moon happening this sunday 9 October 2022 in the sign of Aries will be an opportunity to refocus on oneself. The sign in which it occurs is that of initiative and assertiveness. These attributes will help you validate and accept yourself. Learn more by reading this article!

Astro: what should we expect from the Full Moon of the hunter?

The month Halloween brings us several astrological news. On the one hand, this month, Mercury went direct on his astral journey. This will help you absorb the effects of the Full Moon with all of your mental abilities at their peak. The particular name of this lunation finds its origin in the history of humanity. The time of year it falls is autumn, and by tradition this is when the hunting season kicks off.

It has been so for centuries, and it has its uses. Hunting was once essential, before winter to have reserves and not starve. So much so that our species has evolved a lot since astrology keeps its historical secrets within its discipline. And to our delight, its effects explain many things in our lives.

Pluto, which has retrograde, will also return to its direct path this weekend, just before the Full Moon in Aries. This sign gets along very well with this planet and they will help each other. This will be very beneficial as you can get back on track with old projects that you thought were behind you!

Horoscope: which astrological signs will live this lunation most intensely?

No doubt, there are zodiac signs that will be more connected to the effects of this Full Moon in Aries than others. Do you want to know if yours is one of them.


Let the impact of this Full Moon on you come as no surprise, Dear Aries. Your emotions will be intense and sometimes out of proportion. You will have to follow your heart and not place your well-being in your relationship to others. This is your Full Moon and it is about self-love! Test your inner strength!


You can turn a corner in a romantic relationship during the Full Moon on Sunday. Think about how you see yourself with someone, and build strong love from reason, not just passion. This will help you create a lasting bond.


Use this Full Moon to expand your mind. You will feel the urge to communicate your desires. A youthful curiosity will invade you and lead you to seek new ways to solve old problems. Don’t stop using your mind, because you will shine.

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Eclipse season is approaching, and this Lunasion is tied to it!

This Full Moon is a great time to connect with anything we wish to initiate this month or next year. Needless to say, as we stand in this eclipse season, it is very important that we know what we want to achieve or initiate. Thus, our intentions will be clear and the sudden events they bring will not destabilize our goals.

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Full Moon October 2022: These 3 Signs Will Feel Its EXTRAORDINARY Effects

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