Dorian Rossini: The “reincarnation of God” soon to be back on TV? He reveals his new projects and much more…

Years after making the buzz, Dorian Rossini, the “Reincarnation of God”confided exclusively for NextPlz!

Remember, in 2013, the NRJ12 channel devoted an issue of its show So true at Dorian Rossinia young man then aged 21, who claimed to be the reincarnation of god. Years after making the rounds on TV and social media, Dorian Rossini, now 29, looks back on his journey to NextPlz. So, true identity, new projects, return to TV? He tells us everything!

Roxane Ifa: Hello Dorian, how are you?

Dorian Rossini: It’s going very well, thank you!

For our readers who missed your appearance on TV in 2013, can you retrace your journey in a few words?

In 2010 I created a blog with a false identity. I was marking absurd things, that I was the reincarnation of God, that I was a prophet. I wanted to create these characters to integrate the world of TV. When I was little I used to watch TV shows and say to myself “Why them, and not me? » I was in high school at the time, and I thought to myself “I’m going to create a completely grotesque character, a detestable character to appear on TV shows”. And from 2012 to today, I’ve been on a lot of shows. I began by Morandini, compared to the cast of Angels 5 where I had messed up. In the aftermath I did So True, The Seven Deadly Sins

During your appearance on TV, you claimed to be the “reincarnation of God”, did you totally create this character?

Yes, it was my creation.

How did your relatives react at the time?

When I told my parents I was going to be on TV I lied to them. I had explained to them that it was a show about sports (laughs). And when it aired, they were really pissed off. (…) My fake identity hurt my family. Their friends were asking what I had… They didn’t understand!

On the set of Morandini you confided that you were “homeless”, was that also false?

It was part of my character. I said to myself that I had to leave the south, that everything happened in Paris. If you want, I had a lot of spare money so I lived at the hotel. (…) Besides, I apologize to the people press. to be “homeless” it was a next step in false identity. It was for people to say “He’s been so crazy that he’s homeless, no one can stand him”. While in the end, it was buzz, nonsense.

You told us that you wanted to reveal your true identity when preparing for the interview. Your name is not Dorian Rossini?

The real Dorian Rossini is that I am a sensible person who has vocabulary, discussion. I’m really sociable I talk to everyone. I’m not haughty, I’m not pretentious. When someone comes to talk to me, I’m not like on TV to say “Yeah I’m a star, don’t come near me”. On TV I looked like a loner, while in real life I wasn’t. I’m constantly with friends, I hate being alone. But otherwise my real name is Dorian Rossini. And that is also a mistake with regard to my family, it hurt them.

What are you becoming today?

My last show was mid-2017, I had done TPMP Investigations. Where I was playing the customer, it was a funny sequence. (…) My goal with my false identity was to make Do not touch My TV, sooner or later. I had achieved my goal because Key Surveys Not at My Post it was TPMP. When I did this show I said to myself that I had done the trick and I stopped. Since mid-2017 I had faded a bit. (…) My goal was to have a permanent contract, to work. I had a CDI in two months. I showed that I was serious. (…) I needed to reveal my true identity to remove this weight from this grotesque image which does not correspond to me at all.

What field do you work in?

I am in the food trade, I am a versatile employee in mass distribution.

Several years after making the buzz, would you like to participate in a new TV show?

I’m not looking for the buzz, I’m not looking to show off. (…) I no longer accept trashy shows at the So true. All these shows that represent my false identity, I don’t want to do them anymore. Then I would agree to make serious broadcasts. (…) Programs that show who I really am. Something sensible. (…) Even if I am offered a large sum of money, because with my false identity I have earned a lot of money. False identity is the past.

Dorian Rossini: He finally reveals his true identity!

You say you made a lot of money with it your false identitythat’s to say ?

I don’t talk too much about money but, you can imagine that to make me humiliate in this way, to take so much criticism from me, there had to be money behind it. (…) Image rights pay off, and the blog I had on the internet, I put up advertising, lots of things. But here too, I wanted to start working like everyone else. By having a CDI, I have a real salary which falls every month, something stable. It is important.

You gave us two different phone numbers to contact you, why?

(Laughs) That I said nowhere more, it’s an exclusive for you! (…) I have a number which represents my false identity, and a number which represents my real identity (everything professional, work, friends, family). The first number was so that the productions could reach me etc. At the time I did not take the same intonation of voice, I forced a little! I still have this number because it’s on the internet and I have to stay close to people!

You have someone in your life ?

No, I’ve been single since January 2020, it’s very recent! (…) My false identity also caused me problems in love. (…) For example, if a girl thinks I’m cute, and she learns what I did behind it, she’ll be ashamed. (…) What happened was that she was ashamed of me. She loved me but as she knew what I had done, we could never go out together, she didn’t want to introduce me to her friends, she was ashamed! (…) I would like to find a person who accepts me as I am and who does not look at what I have done in the past.

What are your plans for the future?

At the time, I released completely crazy, grotesque music. My project is to release an album but something serious. (…) It will happen quite quickly, new single, new album, a clip too! But really a professional thing!

Do you have a last word for our readers?

I was totally sincere during this interview, it was important to me. Thank you for granting me this interview! (…) On the web there are many old videos of me running, people continue to criticize and I am constantly trying to justify myself. (…) The goal was really to show that I am a sensible person.

Thank you Dorian, see you soon!

Thank you, hello!

Interview by Roxane Ifa.
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Dorian Rossini: The “reincarnation of God” soon to be back on TV? He reveals his new projects and much more…

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