Erotic dreams: here are the most common and their meaning

It’s hard to forget them. Because while they can be intense, erotic dreams can also leave us completely dubious as to their meaning. Pleasant, disturbing or surprising, today we offer you decipher some of the most common sexy dreams.

Erotic dreams: 3/4 of the population have them

In 2013, during a survey conducted by INSEE, 70% of women and 80% of men admitted to being subject to erotic dreams. Thus rid of our taboos and our morality, our sexuality permeates our dreams but does not necessarily have the meaning that we imagine.

Because they should not always be taken at face value. Tristan-Frederic Moirwriter and psychoanalyst explains as follows: “Often, when it comes to sexuality, they don’t talk about it. And when it is apparently out of the question at all, they can talk about it. » He assures her though, these dreams can be of the “outlets that come to realize forbidden desires”.

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And if each dream is to be placed in a personal context specific to each one, we can nevertheless offer the most frequent a general interpretation. Penetration, homosexuality, infidelity, certain erotic dreams are thus great classics. It should however be distinguish dream and fantasya common misinterpretation.

The most frequent sexy dreams and their interpretation

What do the most common erotic dreams mean? Here are some explanations…

1 – The dream of penetration

The specialists are formal. To dream of penetration is indicative of a lack. This can mean that the libido is not fully developed.

2 – The homosexual dream

Dreaming of a sexual relationship with a partner of the same sex when you are heterosexual does not necessarily mean that you are repressing your homosexuality. Because homosexuality in dreams can simply mean that one fully embraces one’s own nature, gender.

3 – The dream of infidelity

In a couple, it is with another person that we make love in a dream. Here too, there is no need to draw hasty conclusions. But Tristan-Frédéric Moir warns however : “If you dream that you are cheating on your spouse or that your spouse is cheating on you, it means that there is clearly a deception at the level of the couple or that we are deceiving ourselves. You are not yourself with your spouse or your spouse is not himself. »

4 – Achieve ecstasy

Dreaming of having a powerful orgasm can, as in the case of penetration, mean that there is a lack. He can then compensate for this unfulfilled pleasure of real life.

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Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher in Sex Friends

5 – Erotic dreams: making love on a train

Having sex on a train with your partner is very meaningful. If the train goes smoothly, it’s because the relationship is on the right track. Otherwise, the couple may be going through a crisis.

6 – Dreaming of kisses and hugs

Rather than a torrid sexual relationship, it is sometimes sweeter dreams that one can dream of, where kisses and hugs are omnipresent. This then reveals a deep state of well-being and fulfillment of the dreamer.

7 – The Incest Dream

Sleeping with a family member in a dream can be particularly disturbing. It is thus more like a nightmare. If you have been the victim of incestuous sexual abuse that you are reliving in a dream, it is better to talk to a professional about it. Otherwise, there is no need to feel uncomfortable. The incestuous dream speaks to us of the child within us, which we seek to meet. It is not not the sign of a desire for the person with whom the sexual act took place.

8 – Dreaming of sleeping with your ex

Again, don’t panic. Dreaming that you sleep with your ex does not necessarily mean that you miss him. It can even be quite the opposite. The dream can show us a situation that we do not want to relive. It can also be a kind of memory which resurfaces.

9 – Sleep with your boss / a co-worker

We told you in the introduction, erotic dreams sometimes have nothing to do with sex. Sleeping with your boss or co-worker tells us more about relationship we have with him. Having a sexual relationship with your boss can, for example, mean that we seek to dominate it by the desire that we inspire in him.

10 – Dreaming of a celebrity

Natalie Portman, Justin Timberlake? A celebrity makes your head spin in your dreams? Maybe this is the sign that you are in search of recognition.

11 – The rape dream

Very destabilizing, the dream of rape has, if one has not been the victim of rape or sexual abuse, sometimes nothing to do with this aggression. Rape symbolizes more the intrusion or the feeling of being imposed a desire.

12 – Sleep with a friend

Is sleeping with a friend a sign that you subconsciously want him? Not necessarily ! It can simply tell us about our emotional statein particular an overflow then symbolized by this relationship with a friend.

13 – Have sex with a friend’s guy/girl

Malaise upon waking, you dreamed of your friend’s spouse! Again, there is no question of drawing hasty conclusions. It may simply mean that it is a someone whose qualities you appreciate. Qualities that you might like to find in your partner.

14 – Make love with a stranger

Dreaming of having sex with a stranger can have several meanings. It can tell you about your own balance, be a sign of your maturity. It can also be the representation of the person you are looking for and your unmet needs if you are in a relationship.

And you, do you ever have erotic dreams? What do you think they mean? We are talking about it on the forum.

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Erotic dreams: here are the most common and their meaning

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