Cinema: the editor’s favorites in 2022

The dark rooms have some nice surprises in store for us in 2022, here are the films we loved this year.

The year 2022 has been particularly rich for the 7th art. In the cinema or on the platforms, geek culture has once again reserved some nice surprises, including the writing of the Geek Diary reveled. At the time of the balance sheet, we have compiled our favorites of the last 365 days. Fantasy, science fiction and even polar, there was something for everyone.

Elvis by Baz Luhrmann

Selected by Elisa Rahouadj

Credits: Warner Bros.

Elvis was the star of a whole generation, and Baz Luhrmann manages to pay homage to him through his musical biopic. For more than 2 hours, we can retrace 20 years of eventful career through the relationship that Elvis had with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker. We also witness the birth of the genius of the song that we know, who upset the codes of music on several occasions while basing himself on African-American culture as a young white musician.

In addition to the poignant story of a complex artist, it is the spectacular side of the film that struck us the most. The director, to whom we owe this psychedelic style which has everything grandiose, bets on the colors, the light and the staging to impress us. Austin Butler delivers an impressively faithful performance, like a true reincarnation of Elvis Presley, while Tom Hanks always dazzles us with his ability to interpret any character, as detestable be it. The music is obviously there, so fans should not refrain from seeing this nugget.

Elvis is already available on VOD and purchase on dedicated platforms.

Tic et Tac, the risk rangers: the film by Akiva Schaffer

Selected by Amandine Jonniaux

Film selection of the year
Credits: Disney+

The announcement of the return of Tic and Tac had all the bad idea. Disney has accustomed us to exhaust the vein of nostalgia – especially with its remakes live actionand let’s face it, success has not always been there. With its meta gags and references in spades, Tic et Tac, the risk rangers nevertheless imposes itself as the good surprise of this year.

Adored stars of the 1990s, Tic and Tac suddenly fell into oblivion after the end of their series. While Tic to left the glitter to regain his anonymity, Tac continues to cling to fame, even if it means giving up on certain principles. The disappearance of their former manager will however precipitate the return of the cult duo, for the better and for the laughter.

Beyond its gripping narration, we will especially appreciate the acerbic humor and the second degree which infuses every minute of the feature film. Disney is not used to black humor, let alone when the criticism concerns its own creations. The studio nevertheless manages to make fun of the entire film industry, going so far as to taint the symbol of its empire with big ears.

The film spares no one, and the most observant will be surprised over the scenes to find certain competing licenses, to the point of wondering how Mickey’s firm could afford so many characters. Hilarious and refreshing, the footage ofAkiva Schaffer is a success all the way.

Tic et Tac, the risk rangers: the film is available on Disney+.

The Night of 12 by Dominik Moll

Selected by Julie Hay

film selection of the year
Credits: Haut et Court

We like thrillers, especially when they deviate from the prerequisites of the genre to reinvent themselves. This is how we could qualify The Night of 12, cold French box which will never find a resolution. Right from the start, director Dominik Moll warns the viewer: the heart of the story is not the discovery of an assassin.

The Night of 12young Clara was burned to death in her small town on her way home from a night out. The PJ investigators then began a long series of interrogations and investigations. For Yohan, Clara’s murder will be the crime that will mark his career and will haunt him.

A real screenplay tour de force, The night from 12 is a singular thriller. By not placing the cursor on the side of the resolution of an investigation, the film finds a very appropriate societal resonance. Through this investigation, the director who was inspired by the work of Pauline Guenaaddresses the systemic problems of law enforcement, but also the biases of the male gaze on this kind of crime. A feminist fable masterfully led by Bastien Bouillon. Simply brilliant.

The Night of 12 is available on VOD and for purchase on dedicated platforms

Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro

Selected by Julie Hay

film selection of the year 2022
Credits: Netflix

This year, Pinocchio did not a but two appearances on our screens. The little wooden puppet has invested the ranks of Disney+ and Netflix, at Robert Zemeckis for the first and Guillermo del Bull for the second. Our preference goes unsurprisingly to the second proposal.

One night, a puppet magically comes to life to soothe the heart of a wood carver named Geppetto. For Pinocchio debuts then a long initiatory journey that will allow him to learn to become a real boy.

Far from the imagery conveyed by Disney, Pinocchio reinvents itself. Carl’s Tale Collodi on obedience moves in a sincere and tender fable about mourning and the difficulty of growing up. Of the Bull also adds its most cherished theme – insubordination – and breathes new life into it by plunging its heroes into a dark historical context. Captivating, the new adventure of Pinocchio in stop motion is as beautiful as it is exciting.

Everything Everywhere All at Once by Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan

Selected by Arthur Nicolle

Film of the year selection
Credits: A24

Discover Everything Everywhere All did Ounceit’s like rediscovering science fiction. Far from intergalactic epics, stories of aliens or time machines, the film comes to tell a human and touching story. Evelyn Quan Wang (Michelle Yeoh) is a mother worn out by her history. Being an Asian immigrant woman in the United States is not easy.

After years of working in a laundromat, the young woman is mentally and physically exhausted. But her daily life is suddenly turned upside down when she found on board in a conflict interdimensional. The feature film succeeds in brilliantly reinventing the concept of the multiverse and uses it to reflect on the value and charm of life. Everything Everywhere All did Ounce is so strong that you come out changed.

Everything Everywhere All at Once is available on VOD and for purchase on dedicated platforms.

The year 2022 was therefore particularly rich in cinemas and on platforms. We could thus cite many other beautiful surprises, starting with Avatar: The Waterway which was a visual slap as well as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness which is, in our opinion, the best film of the latest Marvel vintage. On Netflix, we will also welcome the return with fanfare of Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig with Glass Onion. Finally, the animation is not to be outdone since we particularly appreciated Red alert at Pixar. All the reviews of the year can be found in the dedicated tab on the site. We are impatient at the idea of ​​being able to continue to experience great emotions on our screens, the year 2023 should not be outdone on the cinema side.

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Cinema: the editor’s favorites in 2022

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