Blonde: Ana de Armas in the arms of Brad Pitt at the Venice Film Festival!

The presentations of Netflix films follow one another at the Venice Film Festival. After “White Noise” it’s time for the film “Blonde” with Ana de Armas.

Blonde hair coming soon to Netflix. But before that, the film crew, including Ana de Armas, presented it at the Venice Film Festival. And success promises to be there. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Ana de Armas radiant on the arm of Brad Pitt

The one who plays the role of Marilyn Monroe in the film Blonde hair chose a dress worthy of the American icon. Indeed, to tread the red carpet, Ana de Armas opted for a pink Louis Vuitto dressnot. It’s hard not to think of the famous white dress worn by the American actress in the film Seven years of reflection (1955), when we see the fabric of her outfit.

To present Blonde hair, the main actress has therefore put the package. Yes, because her pink dress clearly paid homage to Marilyn Monroe. Between the famous neckline, the draped side and the lightness of the dress, everything was presented for the reincarnation of the movie star.

To present the film Blonde hair at the Venice Film Festival, several people made the trip. Starting with Ana de Armas who plays Marilyn Monroe, Adrien Brody in the role of Arthur Miller. A third star was present on the red carpet and it’s about brad pitt.

But why Brad Pitt accompanied the star of the film Blonde hair, Ana de Armas on the red carpet? Well, for the simple and good reason, that the actor produced this feature film soon to be released on Netflix. Indeed, the biopic lands on the streaming platform on September 28, 2022.

Thereby, one of the producers of Blonde hairBrad Pitt and lead actress, Ana de Armas, shared a very bonding moment on the red carpet. A sequence that did not escape the viewfinders of photographers.

To present the film Blonde hair at the Venice Film Festival, Brad Pitt opted for his side to a suit and a pair of Adidas. Yes, the actor does not hesitate to break the codes.

Blonde hair was therefore presented yesterday in Venice and it had an incredible reception. MCE TV tells you more!

Standing ovation for the film Blonde at the Venice Film Festival

Ana de Armas wants to be stunning in the skin of Marilyn Monroe, she looks so much like him. Whether in attitude or in facial expressions. like the movie Blonde hair can shock, those under 18 will not be allowed to see it.

Far from the horror film, the film contains images that can be shocking. Because Marilyn Monroe has not had an easy life despite her incredible life in the spotlight.

Blonde hair caused a sensation at the Venice Biennale. the audience applauded the film crew for more than 10 minutes. Something to move the actress who plays the role of Marilyn in the film.

And for good reason, the actress revealed in the last james bond and in The Gray Man with Regé-Jean Page, nevertheless embodies a Hollywood icon. Especially since she is not American like Marylin Monroe, but Cuban. Moreover, Internet users had criticized his slight accent following the broadcast of the trailer.

On his side, Brad Pitt also took part in the 11-minute standing ovation. Everyone in the theater seemed very happy to have seen this highly anticipated film.

After Venice, the film will therefore be screened at the Deauville Festivale, this Friday, September 9. Will Ana de Armas pay a new tribute to Marilyn Monroe on the red carpet? Answer tonight at 6:30 p.m.!

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Blonde: Ana de Armas in the arms of Brad Pitt at the Venice Film Festival!

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