We tested: Participate in a meditation conference in Montreal

At Montreal City Crunch, the self-care, that’s pretty much our thing. So in the middle of the fall season, we are on the lookout! Plaids here, candles that smell good there… our little nests are ready. And we don’t stop there! We come out of our burrows with our perfectly honed flairs to spot the best wellness experiences in the city. After having tested new massage ritualswe wanted take care of our mind! And it was with great pleasure that I was able to take part in a conference of the Kadampa meditation center of Montreal. Let me tell you about my very enriching experience!

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How is a conference on meditation going?

Title “Finding Peace: Meditation and Inner Health”the public conference took place on September 22, 2022. It took place at the Plaza theater, located near the Beaubien metro station.

It was organized by the Kadampa Meditation Center of Montreal which also schedules events, retreats and workshops every month!

To participate in the conferences, you only needno prerequisites. They are formulated to be suitable for neophytes as well as initiates.

The guest that day was Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab, an internationally renowned Buddhist monk who runs the center in Toronto. After being introduced, he took his place in the middle of the stage to give us his empirical knowledge of meditation, its benefits and its practice during an entire hour. His lively and joking tone was unifying and his speech supported on books available for free online!

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His intervention was generous in simple advice to apply and gave food for thought on our relationship to tranquility and peace. The almost full room was put to use during a 5-minute collective guided meditation. Here again, the watchword was ease! Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab taught us the basics of meditation with a practice that can be used anywhere, without any special tools or skills.

After this peaceful parenthesis, the conference closed with a Q&A session for those interested.

Participate in a meditation conference in Montreal
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Is this for everyone?

The relatively short format and the discussion session at the end encourage a diverse audience! It is accessible for people unfamiliar with meditation as well as for initiates.

This time, the conference was in English! However, if you wish to take advantage of a French translationthis is possible thanks to a helmet made available to you.

And then ?

To deepen the various teachings, you could find a bookstore area at the exit of the event to obtain the books mentioned during the conference.

The center has a busy schedule and you can find out about their offer of guided meditations, online courses and many other formats! This is a non-profit organization, so all proceeds raised go directly to International Temples Project dedicated to world peace.

For example, pre-sale rates are $25 for a conference like this and $40 for an urban retreat.

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My opinion: definitely to try!

I appreciated this bubble of benevolence which warmed up my rainy Thursday evening. Whether you already meditate or not, the conference format allows you to learn and better understand the benefits of the practice of meditation. So it’s easier afterwards to stick to it!

I invite you to find all the information of the center on their sitetheir Facebook or their instagram and share your experience with us in the comments!

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We tested: Participate in a meditation conference in Montreal

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