Life path: how to calculate it with your date of birth and what does it mean?

As a big fan ofastrology you are, you may have heard of the Way of life. The Path of Life, calculated from our date of birth, would have an impact on our destiny and our personality. It’s not just the astrological signs to determine who we are.

Astrology: How to find your life path and what is the meaning?

Numerology is the study of numbers and their mystical meanings. Some people think they can be used to predict the future; others consider the numbers to be largely symbolic.

In this practice of astrology, different from Zodiac signsall numbers are assumed to have unique meanings. The numbers in our lives can be used as tools to help us understand ourselves better and navigate our lives with greater purpose. Knowing how to calculate your life path number can help you understand yourself better.

Numerology: how to know your Life Path number 2022?

Just like astrology, numerology can be personalized because each person is unique. Life path numbers help us to understand the physical world and our destiny. Once you know your life path number, it can be used to make sense of your choices and desires when you feel discouraged. Our life path number represents our fundamental essence and life purpose, it is therefore considered the most significant aspect of our personal numerological composition.

But then how to calculate it? Nothing’s easier.

The Path of Life is calculated based on your date of birth. The complete date is taken into account, without the time. Example: July 12, 1981: 12 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 1 and we apply a classic reduction in numerology. To get 38. Then 3 + 8 = 11. For this person born in 1981, his life path number is 11.

The result must be a number between 1 and 9 with the exception of the numbers 11, 22 and 33. Indeed, they are considered “master numbers” in numerology.

Each number has a very specific meaning. Check out the details below:

How to calculate your life mission?

Path of Life 1

If you have a Life Path of 1, chances are you’re a fighter. You are following a path to independence and success where you will show determination and sometimes even authority. You will show a positive creative energy where you will be thirsty to learn and improve yourself. You are a very courageous and ambitious person. We find a lot of Path of Life 1 among managers and leaders of large companies.

Path of Life 2

The Number 2 invites harmony and tranquility. Those who have this path are often devoted to others and have very good interpersonal skills. They prefer company to solitude. They are excellent friends, real shoulders on whom they have little to rest. People with Path 2 also make very good parents.

Path of Life 3

Individuals with the number 3 are teasers. They have a capacity to entertain and make laugh at any test. Their social skills are no longer to be proven. They are the spark in the life of their loved ones. Creative and bursting with energy, they are often passionate about art. This passion is often their job.

Path of Life 4

The natives of this number have a great sense effort and work. They show great patience, organization and precision. For them work is life. It is their reason for living. Realistic and down to earth, you only believe in what you see. You are a calm person in all circumstances.

Path of Life 5

People whose Life Path number is 5 are great adventurers who thirst for freedom. They are travelers at heart. The number 5 symbolizes change. They may lack stability as they crave novelty. They run away from routine by all means. Individuals following the number 5 are social butterflies, they have excellent interpersonal skills.

Path of Life 6

Individuals with Life Path 6 are devoted to their family. They like love and sweetness. They favor their loved ones above anything else in life. Having a stable and loving home is vital for them. They prioritize their family life over their career. Sensitive and intuitive, they have great compassion for others.

Path of Life 7

7s are thoughtful people with a great sense of analysis. You leave nothing to chance. the Life path 7 is symbolized by knowledge and wisdom. Methodical and rigorous, you have a great sense of the work accomplished. Mysterious and solitary, they easily do without the company of others and they prioritize their work.

Path of Life 8

Natives of the number 8 are often interested in material things and they love money. Power and ambition punctuate their lives. Determined and motivated, these people have a special relationship with their work. They want to achieve their goals and dream of inventing something that could change the world. Fans of extreme sports, they are courageous and reckless. Many celebrities wear this number as they are attracted to light.

Path of Life 9

These individuals have their hearts on their sleeves and demonstrate a great deal of altruism. Generosity and humanity are the pillars of the number 9. Actions speak for the 9. They are the first to give help or want to get involved in charities. It is not uncommon to come across 9s in orphanages abroad to help them. Sensitive and empathetic, they show unlimited generosity to do good around them.

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Path of Life 11

If this is your Life Path, you are very lucky because you have a Master number ! True predictor and medium, these individuals have a very fine sense of analysis and a gift. Visionary and ambitious, the 11 has extraordinary abilities. He multiplies centers of interest and passions without dispersing himself. With great personal potential, these people must imperatively set goals and achieve them. They have an irresistible aura.

Path of Life 22

You have an exceptional destiny! Number 22 is the highest Path of Life. Social and courageous, you have supreme intelligence. These individuals favor large-scale projects and are very ambitious. They have everything to succeed in life. 22 symbolizes peace but it is also the most powerful of all numbers.

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Life path: how to calculate it with your date of birth and what does it mean?

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