New apps of the week: Scores, Sorare, RonRon

Here are 5 news applications just released for our iPhone and iPad including Scores, Sorare, RonRon.

The selection of the week has just been made by our team, in order to offer you the best app releases from the App Store. Good discovery and tell us which new app you took!

scores icon game ipa iphone ipadscores (Game, Utilities, iPhone / iPad, v2.1.0, 6 MB, iOS 13.0, Pierre Boudoin)

Board game enthusiasts.
– Stop looking for a piece of paper to track the scores of your card games or board games (belote, scrabble, cards, etc…).
– You play outside games such as petanque, molky or you play games and you want to follow the score of your games
– Add as many players or teams as you want.
– Calculates the final score of each player.
– As fast to use as paper.

Download free game scores

scores capture game ipa iphone ipad

sorare icon game ipa iphoneSorare (Game, Sports, iPhone, v1.0.1, 83MB, iOS 14.2)

Sorare is a global fantasy football (soccer) game, featuring over 230 football clubs from around the world and over 40 football leagues. What makes Sorare unique is that you have the option to play with NFT cards.

NFT cards have provable (fixed and limited) rarity, provenance, true ownership, and complete freedom of movement, thanks to blockchain technology. Your cards are really yours. With a Sorare NFT, you can use it in app competitions, keep it as a collector’s item, transfer it to another platform, sell it, trade it, play it in another game, etc. .

Download free game Sorare

sorare capture game ipa iphone

codesandbox app icon ipa iphone ipadcode sandbox (App, iPhone / iPad, v3.1.0, 126MB, iOS 14.0)

CodeSandbox for iOS is a full-fledged development environment that brings the power of modern JavaScript development to your iOS device. Use your iPhone or iPad to develop and run your Node.js applications or collaborate in real time with others.

Projects on CodeSandbox provide access to:
* A code editor with IntelliSense autocompletion and syntax highlighting.
* Terminals to run, test and debug your code.
* Git integration for easy commits and PR reviews.
* Real-time, asynchronous collaboration with your team in the same file and same devices.

Download the free app code sandbox

codesandbox capture app ipa iphone ipad

purr icon app ipa iphoneRonRon (App, iPhone, v1.1.6, 21 MB, iOS 13.0, Pierre Boudoin)

RonRon is a meditation app guided by a cat’s purr. You can use it to have a comforting moment or after a stressful day.

RonRon provides a great meditation experience by using high quality sound and haptics on the iPhone to simulate a cat purring at you.

You don’t have a cat? Your cat does not purr or not enough? RonRon will work when you want and for as long as you want!

In addition, several cats are available and more to come!

Download the free app RonRon

purr capture app ipa iphone

acrylic icon app ipa iphone ipadAcrylic (App, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.3, 8 MB, iOS 14.0, Ethan Lipnik)

Acrylic is a simple and easy to use wallpaper engine for iOS and macOS, however, it does more than basic wallpapers. Easily create beautiful mesh gradients and high resolution 3D scenes. Easy-to-use tools let you quickly produce high-quality renderings.

To download Acrylic at €1.99

acrylic capture app ipa iphone ipad

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New apps of the week: Scores, Sorare, RonRon

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