Well-being – A new yoga association is setting up in the Pithiverais

Le Pithiverais, a land of yoga? A new association My yoga break arrived last October. Classes are given at Marsainvilliers, Dadonville and Sermaises.

In recent years, this activity has been on the rise. The territory is not spared! The municipality of Pithiviers has an association (Pithiviers Yoga), well anchored in the landscape for seventeen years. “It worries us a bit. It’s normal. The offer will be doubled“, breathes Françoise Gélis, president of Pithiviers Yoga before adding: “I think there is a way to make our activities cohabit. Then, it’s something that people need.”

Three reasons to try yoga in Pithiviers

Some upheavals due to the Covid

During the Covid-19 crisis, the association had set up online courses by Zoom, to maintain contact with members. A success. The courses given by Magali Duchier then resumed in September 2021. “We found the number of members, around a hundred, that we had before the Covid.”
To Coudray and to Buthiers, in Le Malesherbois, the health crisis has affected the Yogasanas association. “We lost a lot of students”, informs the association’s professor, Pascal Poiget. But he relativizes. It’s an evil for a good. “It allows me to be closer to the students.”

The popularity of yoga is skyrocketing in the Loiret: where to practice it?

The transmission of a practice

He too sees the arrival of this association in a positive light. “We have to teach yoga. There is room for everyone.“There still have to be people…”It’s not that simple”, admits Pascal Poiget who, now retired, had a job alongside yoga classes. “The teacher is often on the road to earn its crust. Then, we are in a territory not very open to practice. It’s not a criticism,” he said. The philosophy of yoga teaches to take things as they come.

“In yoga, there is no competition. It is the teacher’s approach that differs.”

A few kilometers away, Marsainvilliers, Dominique Messantthe new teacher, who followed his companion who works in the Pithiveraisis categorical on this point: “In yoga, there is no competition. It is the teacher’s approach that differs.”

From the pharmaceutical industry to yoga

After eleven years in the Oise, in Compiègne, Dominique Messant moved to Marsainvilliers last October. She offers yoga classes for adults and children: dynamic yoga, focused on muscle work, balance and breathing, gentle yoga that helps release tension and senior workshops.. Classes started last week.

“I created my association, Ma Pause yoga, in 2019.”

Dominique Messant (Yoga teacher)

Before being a yoga teacher, the forties worked in the pharmaceutical industry. Two very opposite worlds. In 2017, it took a 180 degree turn. She was then 40 years old. Is it the famous midlife crisis that pushes her to pass the course? No. It’s much more than that. “After years of practice, I needed to transmit.”
She will investigate more than 500 hours of training. When the work on his house is finished, the courses will be offered at his home.

Practice. Mondays, gentle yoga from 6 to 7 p.m. and dynamic yoga from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Dadonville gymnasium; Thursdays, gentle yoga from 5 to 6 p.m. and dynamic yoga from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Sermaises gymnasium. Children’s yoga on Wednesdays, at the Marsainvilliers village hall from 5 to 5.45 p.m. Tel. 06 Prices to be found here.

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Well-being – A new yoga association is setting up in the Pithiverais

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