The Marseillais: Ileana’s witchcraft scene divides the Web?

Once again, a story of witchcraft among the Marseillais agitates the Web. And for good reason, the scene with Ileana divides internet users.

The last episode of the Marseillais seems to divide viewers. And for good reason, the witchcraft scene with Ileana is not unanimous. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The Marseillais: candidates in great shape

This year, the Marseillais once again found themselves on a set. And yes, direction Mexico to live a new and great adventure. In short, the production really pulled out all the stops.

Moreover, this year, the Marseillais are also showing themselves in better shape than ever. As soon as they arrived on set, the latter announced the color. And for good reason, Julien Tanti has teased an explosive problem season.

Indeed, the head of the family has decided to set up a new problem system. Thus, the walls of the villa shook during the few weeks of filming. To the delight of viewers therefore.

But on the production side, the teams have also decided to renew themselves. And for good reason, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Marseillais, the candidates were trapped.

For this, W9 brought in three actors. Besides, Paga and Maeva Ghennam really seem to have paid the price. And yes, they really tore their hair out!

Moreover, in the episode of this Tuesday, March 1, Ileana played her last card. She then set up a witchcraft ritual to scare Maeva Ghennam. And this scene does not seem to be unanimous among fans of Marseille. MCE TV tells you more!

The witchcraft scene disturbs?

A year ago, the candidates of Marseille found themselves at the heart of a terrible controversy. In effect, a story of witchcraft had come to mess up the family. Ouch!

As a reminder, Carla Moreau had been accused of black magic to harm his great friend Maeva Ghennam. The Marseillais family was then divided until Ruby’s parents left W9.

This story really marked the candidates and their fans who keep referring to it. So when the teaser for the season in Mexico was released, the witchcraft sequence did not escape anyone.

Indeed, to scare Maeva, Ileana, the actress infiltrated with the Marseillais decided to set up an amazing ritual. This Tuesday, March 1, fans were able to discover this long-awaited scene.

On the Web, the reactions then seem divided. Some fans claim that the joke is not funny and that it is organized. And for good reason, a rumor claims that Julien Tanti was aware of the trap.

Other viewers seem to love the joke. The latter would then have had a very good time in front of the episode. On social networks, the reactions were therefore numerous and Internet users did not hesitate to let their thoughts be known.

So we can read: “The witchcraft episode, I’m crying. Poor Maeva, “When Paga wanted to salt Maeva, I died laughing they have everything after to protect themselves from witchcraft since Carla” or “The witchcraft scene is really average, I think”.

One thing is sure, the Marseillais have not finished getting noticed. But after witchcraft, what scene will make Internet users react? To be continued.

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The Marseillais: Ileana’s witchcraft scene divides the Web?

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