6 expert tips to survive the day after a complicated night because of Baby

A study published in the journal JAMA Network Open November 8, 2022 reveals that almost half of Americans regularly suffer from sleep deprivation. And when we know that lack of sleep is the first difficulty of young mothers, and that pregnant women are often prone to sleep disorders, we understand that it is important to find solutions. Asked by the Huffington Post American, several experts give their advice to survive a day after having slept badly, because of Baby or for any other reason.

Do not stress

You slept badly, you know you’re going to be tired, and that’s stressing you out (normal). Except that, Fiona Barwick, sleep expert, explains that we must try not to worry about it because the body will do what it needs to regain strength: “If we sleep badly one night, we will sleep better the next day. If we worry about it, however, the sleep will be worse”. Of course it works for young parents who are woken up almost every night, but what is certain is that they do not need to add an additional source of anxiety!

take the light

If you haven’t slept well, the first thing to do according to Fiona Barwick is to expose yourself to light. Indeed, our cycle is dependent on light. By exposing yourself to it, natural or artificial, your brain will understand that it’s time to be active. It will also suppress the release of melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone.

Caffeine is yes…

… But not too much. Caffeine makes us feel less sleepy and aids learning and decision-making when we’re tired, says sleep physician Dr. Andrey Zinchuk. However, it should not be drunk too much, so that it does not lead to the impression that the body is on alert, especially with the heart beating faster. Pulmonologist Wissam Chatila adds that it is better to avoid drinking it from the end of the afternoon, to avoid insomnia in the evening. The good news is that coffee is authorized, from one to two cups per day, when breastfeeding and during pregnancy.

Take a nap

If you have the possibility, Dr. Chatila also recommends doing a siesta 30 to 60 minutes (don’t forget to set an alarm clock). Even if you are not sleeping, lying down in peace will relieve you. You can also do half an hour of yoga or meditation. This will allow you to be more alert and boost your memory capacities, in particular.


Walking for just 10 minutes a day can reduce stress, improve your mood and increase your alertness. This is why Fiona Barwick recommends that you take a walk during the day, even if it is just to get off at the bus or metro stop before yours: “It helps me sleep better the night ahead.”

Don’t blame

All these experts finally recall an important point: do not feel guilty for having slept badly. Fiona Barwick recommends not telling yourself that you’re going to have a bad day because of it. The body is resilient, and it is able to function when it lacks sleep. So be kind to yourself and don’t blame yourself if you can’t get through your day’s plan.

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6 expert tips to survive the day after a complicated night because of Baby

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