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Psalm 119. 16
I have remembered your ordinances of old, O Lord! Psalm 119. 52

Meditation of Psalm 119 (3)

The psalmist found such delight in the Word of God that he could not forget it. Don’t we forget things too quickly? In a way, the apostles expected this to be the case. Peter wrote his two epistles to remind believers of things they knew, to refresh their minds with the message he had already delivered to them (2 Peter 1.13, 15; 3.1, 2) . Delighting in the Word of God and not forgetting it are two things that go hand in hand.
Most of us remember when we were in school. When a subject interested us, or when the teacher made it captivating, we did not forget what we had learned. Conversely, if we found the subject uninteresting or boring, the lesson did not stay with us for long. It’s the same with the Word of God. If we delight in the Bible, and if in studying it we really seek to see what the Lord wants to show us, we will not forget it; we will remember his teaching.
When the disciples followed the Lord, they saw and heard many things he did and said. And yet, it is often said, later, that they remembered what Jesus had said (Luke 24.6, 8; John 12.16; Acts 11.16). When the Lord Jesus was cleaning the temple, the disciples remembered what had been written: “Zeal for your house devours me” (John 2:17; Psalm 69:9); and after his death and resurrection, they thought back to what he had said on that occasion, speaking of his own body: “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up” (John 2. 19-22) .
How good it is that the Holy Spirit can call to mind things we have not completely forgotten, because we delight in the Word of God!
Mr. Vogelsang

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Meditation on Psalm 119 3 The Lord Jesus Is

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Meditation on Psalm 119 (3) – The Lord Jesus Is Near – Christian Journal

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