The horoscope of the week from December 9 to 15, 2022: this astrological sign allows itself well-deserved pleasures – X Gossip

As the end of year celebrations approach, in the midst of preparations and family imperatives, find out what the week of December 9 to 15, 2022 has in store for your zodiac sign.

This week, the star sign is Leo, as Meghan Markle. You draw your energy from a flow of love. Your man is Leo? He gives himself the means to be the first, the most beautiful, which gives him a seductive force of attraction. He is aware of it and plays it. His insurance annoys? Secretly, we envy him!

Aries weekly horoscope (03/21 – 04/21)

Christmas excitement

Get up before everyone else, you prepare as many things as possible in advance. You organize the next few days down to the smallest detail, especially if you are hosting family. This additional work is added to your already numerous professional activities, but you manage.

The astro coach: get help as much as you can.

Taurus weekly horoscope (04/22 – 05/21)

The strength of the group

Basic topics deserve to be addressed. You expose in complete transparency what you do and how you proceed. This development impacts the missions of your professional partners. To avoid duplication, everyone agrees with the other and shares their success.

The astro coach: promote consultation, it enriches everyone.

Gemini weekly horoscope (05/22 – 06/21)

Frying all the way

Usually, you get the messages but your lover and your children try to tell you things that are way above you. Taken by your professional activities, you have your head in the handlebars and do not take the measure of what is happening around you.

The astro coach: stop running away from what will eventually catch up with you.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope (06/22 – 07/22)

Arrangements to be made

You are right, some discussions require a minimum of seriousness. From there to adopt this devastated look, no. According to you, no compromise is possible. However, if you stuck to the facts, you would see that a peaceful and constructive alternative exists.

The astro coach: attack a box of chocolates, it will relax you.

Leo’s weekly horoscope (07/23-08/22)

Everything for the family

You have given a lot, you put work in slow motion, at least during the holiday season. The prospect of Christmas puts your loved ones at the center of your priorities. Nothing makes you happier than choosing the right gift for everyone and finding yourself at home.

The astro coach: allow yourself all the pleasures, you have well deserved them.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope (08/23 – 09/22)

What pace

Whether it’s a series of work meetings or revisiting the recipe for turkey with chestnuts, you’re all the time. In the evening inevitably, you collapse from fatigue, unwilling for any nocturnal activity. And every morning, you attack the day in great shape!

The astro coach: manage your efforts to be on top for New Year’s Eve.

Libra Weekly Horoscope (09/23 – 10/22)

Smoke screens

Your lover is not clear but also admit that sometimes you are not better. You kick in touch with each of his questions, you interpret his non-answers. Doubt breeds jealousy, possessiveness breeds aggression. And there you have it, how to ruin your life on your own.

The astro coach: let yourself be won over by the magic of Christmas.

Scorpio’s weekly horoscope (10/23 – 11/22)

super crunchy

You are a magnet for good feelings. There is a mixture of strength and fragility in you.
that makes you endearing. Your lover is happy. Your children believe that you are an almost perfect mother. This beautiful family harmony is a Christmas present before Christmas.

The astro coach: you become indispensable, savor this popularity.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope (11/23 – 12/21)

New perspectives

You go out of your sphere of competence and initiate, as much as possible, what you have always wanted to undertake. It is therefore not a question of going overboard and behaving like a diva, but rather of acting according to your wishes with respect for others.

The astro coach: take a look at your bank account statements from time to time.

Capricorn’s weekly horoscope (12/22 – 01/20)

stone to stone

Instead of waiting for words of love, go get them. Happiness is built. If you have a desire to be happy with this man, manifest it. Your reserve cools as your elk heats up. Instead of asking yourself questions, find the answers.

The astro coach: be an actor in your life in all areas of your existence.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope (01/21 – 02/19)

good vibes

Why wait for the night to rhyme love and sensuality? Between the racing heart and the body which has its demands, you experience moments of high emotional and physical intensity. At work, you exchange naughty text messages that make you want to come home early.

The astro coach: follow your inspirations, they are perfect.

Pisces weekly horoscope (02/20 – 03/20)

It’s clear

If you don’t know the answer, have the honesty to say so instead of talking nonsense. Some people are naive enough to believe you, especially children. If the truth is not always easy to tell, it does less harm than lies or approximations.

The astro coach: take a direction and stick to it instead of going in all directions.

By Caroline Moisan, astrologer.

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The horoscope of the week from December 9 to 15, 2022: this astrological sign allows itself well-deserved pleasures – X Gossip

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