Lose belly fat in the heat: how to succeed in this project before taking out the swimsuits?

Returning the belly literally or figuratively always means that this treacherous zone mocks our efforts to lose belly fat. On the one hand you want the bulges around the waist to fade away and on the other hand that never happens. Is it possible in the end to lose the extra pounds? Why no slimming diet almost touches that fatty spot that gives you the buzz when you look at yourself in the mirror. We tried to understand the causes and look for an ally in the fight: heat. In short, can you attract high temperatures to your camp to take advantage of it and lose weight quickly?

Losing belly fat: why do we gain fat in this area?

A weird thing is happening! When you gain weight, it sticks everywhere! But when you start to lose it, there is an area that remains untouchable: the belly. The causes can be different: genetics, slow metabolism, stress, poor digestion, sedentary life and junk food. However, having a permanently bloated belly can be a medical symptom that should not be underestimated. You have decided to go all out to lose belly fat, so a whole kit of means presents itself.

lose belly fat yoga meditation physical exercises walking

Yoga and meditation help you distribute energy evenly throughout the body and eliminate toxins: guaranteed for a rounded buttocks and a flat stomach.

Physical exercises tone muscles, melt fat and boost immunity.

Walking for weight loss is doable and only costs you one to two hours of your precious time.

lose belly fat enjoy heat lose weight quickly heat wave

Since the 2022 heat wave has descended with all force on our poor heads, can we take advantage of it to lose belly fat? And of course, not to the detriment of our general health and well-being!

slimming belly slimming dress slim waist beauty elegance

No need to get hammered in your head! The holiday period is approaching, but you have enough time to start and successfully complete the “belly weight loss” project. In the meantime, take advantage of a trick: a slimming dress that will be a double win. A wasp waist and an elegant beauty!

lose belly fat quickly under sweating clothes allow you to sweat more

We’re not making the cut of the cake by saying that sweatpants make you sweat more. It tells you to sheath in Bermuda shorts or leggings, or to hide a belt that will make you lose fat in the heat waves. Don’t skip hydration! Sweating and compensating by drinking at least 2 liters of water a day is crucial for your health!

Get a flat stomach in a heat room

lose belly fat quickly sweat burn fat heat room sauna steam room

Sweat and burn fat, but where? In a hot room! Before making such a decision, assess your specific health needs, as the benefits of heat treatment are questionable. Choose between a sauna and a hammam! The first uses heat released by a wood or electric stove. The body absorbs it directly and as a result, the fats must be dislodged quickly. The humidity varies from 5 to 30 percent, while in a hammam it reaches 100 percent. The heat from a sauna also helps open your pores, which promotes sweating and cleanses your skin. High temperatures promote blood flow and circulation, which can give you post-sauna energy and an overall sense of well-being.

how to lose belly fat feel slight dehydration melt fat

It makes you feel lighter from dehydration, but does not ensure that fat is melted away. People with heart disease, pregnant women and those who have drunk alcohol must balk at the thought of burning off the extra pounds in a hot room.

What to eat to lose belly fat?

how to lose belly fat without exercising eating raw vegetables salads wholemeal bread

Managing to look slimmer through clothes is a trick that always works. In addition, when you have belly, there are a plethora of solutions that hide the bulges. At the same time, you have to bet on foods which, eaten in extreme heat, become your allies in the fight against the pounds.

how to lose weight in your thighs and belly mediterranean diet health longevity

Lipids, carbohydrates and proteins, the winning trio, but you have to know where to look for them. Still, it’s not the quick pound loss you might expect. On the contrary, olive oil, salmon, eggs and raw vegetables are part of the Mediterranean diet that promises many years of good health.

foods that make you lose belly fat walk more water bottle move your foot

If you want to lose belly fat in the heat, rely on fruits and vegetables, wholemeal pasta, bread and rice. On the meat side, chicken is the best choice in the summer.

And… get out of the car if possible! Walk every day with a water bottle in hand, sunglasses and a protective hat.

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Lose belly fat in the heat: how to succeed in this project before taking out the swimsuits?

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