How to remove the double chin at 50? Can you lose fat under the jawline naturally?

It is wrong to consider the double chin as a “privilege” of old age. Genetics and weight gain are among the four causes of having that small lump of fat under your jawline. And if a young woman can easily manage to remove the double chin with a set of exercises, a fifty-year-old will go … Read more

How to lose belly fat without exercising? 10 good gestures to adopt without delay!

How to lose belly fat without exercising 10 good gestures

Having a big belly is much more than just unsightly. Scientific research has proven that visceral fat is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes and heart disease, among others. Similarly, people who have added too many inches to their waistline are at greater risk of metabolic disease even if they are otherwise lean. … Read more

Lose belly fat in the heat: how to succeed in this project before taking out the swimsuits?

Lose belly fat in the heat how to succeed in

Returning the belly literally or figuratively always means that this treacherous zone mocks our efforts to lose belly fat. On the one hand you want the bulges around the waist to fade away and on the other hand that never happens. Is it possible in the end to lose the extra pounds? Why no slimming … Read more