Florence Foresti at worst, the comedian forced to stop everything because of health concerns

The virus still present

As faithful as a dog, the famous virus does not seem ready to stop following us. No one resists him yet no one wants him. It has been restricting the lives of almost the entire world for more than two years, and Florence Foresti is no exception. Even if today we no longer have to confine ourselves, or wear masks in most public places, it is still not harmless. Although Florence Foresti is not the reason, she is the victim. This Wednesday, June 22, she announced that she was infected with COVID. Illness which therefore prevents him from being able to ensure his tour as planned. She shares her positive test on her Instagram profile.

As we resume our lives as before the global pandemic, the virus still hasn’t gone away, and doesn’t seem to want to go away either. We go out without a mask, can go to any business, whether small or large. No curfew, no certificate to go to work. Telework, meanwhile, still remains in place, but at 100% and at the goodwill of employers and employees. COVID and lockdowns will have had many effects on our society. Some, with teleworking, realize that they would prefer to do another job, thus deciding to embark on a retraining. Better gestures have also been adopted, such as wearing a mask when you are sick, disinfecting yourself and washing your hands more regularly.


The COVID will not have had only negative impacts on society, especially in terms of hygiene. Some were able to discover passions, talents or new desires. Good resolutions to play sports could be kept more simply, or even yoga or meditation in order to learn how to better manage one’s emotions, especially stress. In short, it was able to allow many people to find themselves or their loved ones with whom they shared the experience.

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This period seems far away, yet no. COVID has never gone away. It has become less serious at times, but it continues to kill, sicken and hospitalize people. The proof of his presence with Florence Foresti who is affected by it. During this period of isolation, the comedian can at least take the time to rest and refine his next tour which will arrive very soon. Florence Foresti, who started with Stéphane Bern in 8:10 p.m., is today one of the most famous female comedians in France, performing shows after shows as well as tours.

Florence Foresti sick

Three years after her last creation, Florence Foresti played Boys,boys,boys which made many people cringe. The comedian for the occasion made a post of her under the duvet with the description “I am overjoyed AND super stressed to announce this news to you” in order to announce her tour. She took the opportunity to expose her dates, like that of June 21 to 25 in Nice. Unfortunately, everyone who has booked for this will still have to wait. In fact, Florence Foresti has announced to be contaminated by the COVID. She takes the opportunity to apologize by saying “Nice, I’m sorry” on Instagram. She still plans to return to Nice as soon as possible in order to honor the dates which for the moment are reserved for her rest.

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Florence Foresti at worst, the comedian forced to stop everything because of health concerns

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