Harry Potter: the game “Hogwarts Legacy” raises some concerns?

Harry Potter the game Hogwarts Legacy raises some concerns

If the release of the game “Hogwarts Legacy” in connection with Harry Potter caused a stir, the fans nevertheless expressed their concerns Following the incredible success of the Harry Potter saga, fans had the happy surprise of discovering the “Hogwarts Legacy” video game. A novelty that raises some concerns, however! MCE TV tells you everything … Read more

First in Belgium: a citizens’ bill debated in the Chamber, it concerns the regularization of undocumented migrants

First in Belgium a citizens bill debated in the Chamber

The authors of the petitionIn My Name” (“In my name“) defended this Tuesday in the House Interior Committee their proposal for a citizens’ law on the regularization of undocumented people. This is the first time that a collective of citizens has been able to defend a text of law in the Federal Parliament since the … Read more

Florence Foresti at worst, the comedian forced to stop everything because of health concerns

Florence Foresti at worst the comedian forced to stop everything

The virus still present As faithful as a dog, the famous virus does not seem ready to stop following us. No one resists him yet no one wants him. It has been restricting the lives of almost the entire world for more than two years, and Florence Foresti is no exception. Even if today we … Read more

Development of Maples: unanswered questions and serious concerns, denounce the current owners – Le Progrès de Coaticook

Mr. Mayor, Ladies and gentlemen of the board, We are citizens who, during the municipal council meeting of June 13, wanted to obtain information about the residential project on avenue des Érables. At the end of the session, our questions remained unanswered and our concerns just as acute. The expansion project has been talked about … Read more