Do you need hope for a situation in your life?

Hello, this is Stephanie. It’s a joy to meet you. The passage we are going to look at today is found in Psalm 42, verse 12: “Why do you fall down, my soul, and groan within me? Hope in God, for I will praise him again; He is my salvation and my God. I love the Word of God so much because it doesn’t disguise emotions.

In this passage, we see that this great hero, David, this man after the heart of God, has already been cast down in his soul. He is saddened. Do you recognize yourself in David today? Perhaps you are listening to this meditation and, for some reason, your soul is downcast within you. I would like to encourage you to do like David and speak to your soul.

David was a man who placed his hope in God, in Psalm 62 and in verse 5, he will say: “Soul, rest in God, for from Him comes my hope! In Psalm 40, in verses 2 to 4, David will also say: “I have put all my hope in the Lord.” He leaned towards me, he listened to my plea. He brought me up from the pit of destruction and from the bottom of the mud. He put me back on my feet, with my feet on a rock, and he firmed my steps. He put a new song in my mouth. »

It is so comforting to know that this great God, creator of the universe, of these millions of millions of galaxies, this great God of hope is still leaning over us today. He hears our cries, lifts us up, strengthens us and gives us a new song when we place our hope in him. We can rest in him.

Despite his pain, David placed his hope in God. Without God, there is no hope, but with God the greatest hopes are allowed for your life, for your family, your children, your job, your career, your future and for your destiny. God is the God of all possibilities. Remind your soul of it today. Even if you don’t see God working right now, that doesn’t mean he’s not working. Keep hope ! Maybe as you listen to this meditation, you have lost hope for some situation in your life. I would like to take away any guilt or shame from you.

The greatest heroes of faith have been there. Even Abraham, the father of faith, doubted God’s promise to him. We can all lose hope, but there is good news: all can find it by approaching the God of hope. God gave Abraham the strength to hope against all hope. While everything forbade him because of their advanced age, he and his wife hoped. He believed. Thus, he became the father of a multitude of peoples according to what God had promised him (Romans 4:18).

God knows that we can, at one time or another, lose hope. He sees the depths of our hearts. We can pretend in front of others, but there’s no point in trying to avoid the subject with him. He knows everything. If you ask him, God can give you or give you hope today, because he is the God of hope.

Let me claim for you what is written in Romans chapter 15 and verse 13: “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in faith, that you may abound in hope ( so that you may be filled with hope), by the power of the Holy Spirit! This passage tells us that God can give us hope in everything in abundance, not a little bit of hope, but a lot of hope, with abundance, and this not thanks to your own strength, but through the Holy -Mind.

So don’t hesitate, don’t be ashamed, ask him to come and fill your heart and your thoughts with hope! Remind your soul that God can, by the power that works in you, can achieve infinitely more than you ask today or even what you think (Ephesians 3:20-21). So take it by faith and look at your life, your family’s life, your future with hope, for God is Almighty God.

I wish you a great day.

Stephanie Reader

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Do you need hope for a situation in your life?

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