Bac 2022: Top 4 tips for getting in shape before the tests!

May 11, start of the baccalaureate exams! Here are four tips for getting to the top in every event without feeling unsettled!

The 2022 baccalaureate exams start this May 11! So, don’t panic, there are some tips that will help you not find yourself in a state of stress on D-Day. MCETV gives you four that will put you in the best conditions for success !

4 tips to stay calm at the baccalaureate

Revise well

This advice is not surprising. But in “to revise well”, there is good. Only you can know how you worked all year. But trust yourself. Last minute revisions in the car can ruin everything.

So trust the cards, or the highlights you may have made. A few keywords, an organized thought, and your baccalaureate will seem much more accessible to you. Because last-minute learning can get you lost pretty quickly.

Prepare your things

Another very useful tip: prepare your things the day before. On the morning of the baccalaureate exams, only relaxation counts. No question, therefore, of looking for his colored pencils, his kit, his calculator… We make a list upstream, and we prepare everything as soon as possible.

This prevents you from asking yourself too many questions, or from having stressful moments. The list allows you to check everything before leaving for the tests. Serenity will be one of the keys to your success. No question of letting yourself overflow just before leaving.

It is thus necessary to think of the convocation, the identity card… But do not forget either that the bac, it is long. A bottle of water, a small snack to eat: it feels good, it re-motivates. And it even allows you to get out of the test for a few seconds.

A baccalaureate secret: don’t talk about it

Relaxation should remain the key word before entering your room. No question, therefore, of playing a game of questions and answers with your friends. It may seem logical, but every year, high school students try a final revision before entering.

But that can only stress you out. “Hey, I don’t remember that”, “that date, is he right or not? », « I had not understood this word like that »… Stop! These last minute changes can quickly disrupt your tank.

So you have to bet everything on your concentration. Discuss something else, take a breather, and don’t let other people’s stress overwhelm you. You will have enough to do in front of your sheet: stay focused on yourself, and everything will be fine.

Breathe, it’s going to be fine!

Meditation can also bring you a lot. A bit of ventral breathing, a bit of mind escape: it allows you to lay the foundations before hours of intense concentration. So put yourself in your bubble when you can.

For this, everything must be prepared beforehand. Because the journey, the belongings, the room number, his identity document: the ferry asks lots of details to perfect before focusing on the test. It is therefore necessary to finish everything before landing.

But once every detail has been tweaked, let go. Friends, relatives: everything can become stressful. So take time for yourself. Forget the outside world, the coming ordeal… Even put some music on. Relaxation is part of success!

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Bac 2022: Top 4 tips for getting in shape before the tests!

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