Stretching to relax: how stretching relaxes!

Stress is a problem we all face. Among the solutions to be more zen, there is stretching. Here are our best stretches to relax!

Why does Stretching allow you to relax?

Stretching is a discipline that consists of performing all kinds of stretching. These can have several effects on the body, depending on the intended purpose. Flexibility, performance, injury prevention… And even relaxation! You will be able learn more about stretching right here. Because, indeed, it is a vast discipline, with many possibilities and varied exercises!

Here, we focus on the relaxation that stretching can bring. But how does it work ?

By stretching, you relax muscles, tendons and nerves. Indeed, they are intimately linked to each other. The tendons are thus in the continuity of the muscles. Nerves, on the other hand, run from neurons to muscle fibers. Stretching helps release muscle tension!

Stretching will give you a feeling of well-being. It is therefore ideal for relieving certain pains. It is also perfect for feeling zen and sleeping better.

Our best stretches to relax!

stretching exercises after sports

Let’s come to our best exercises to relax you! Among those that follow, you will find different kinds of stretches. There are basic stretching exercises and postures from Yoga. This small selection will allow you to relax at any time of the day. The workouts are simple, anyone can reproduce them.

You can hold each stretching exercise between 30 seconds and one minute, repeating the whole thing 3 times! Think about your breathing: breathing deeply and in a controlled way promotes relaxation.

The low slit

low lunge hip stretch

With the low lunge, you will stretch and relax your legs.

To start, get on all fours. Your hands are placed palms on the ground, spaced at the width of your shoulders.

Then, you will bring the right leg in front of you, foot flat in place of your right hand. Your chest will be tilted forward, but your back will remain straight. Your left knee will tilt a little more forward. This way it will pull your left leg further back. You can stretch it according to your flexibility, without forcing.

You will then raise the bust. Your right shin is vertical.

You just have to switch legs to perform the low lunge on both sides!

child posture

lower back stretch child posture

The child’s pose comes from Yoga and is very simple! It is perfect for stretching your back.

Get on your knees, arms outstretched, palms forward. Tilt your chest until your forehead touches the floor. Next, stretch your arms as far out in front of you as possible.

Lying lumbar rotation

lumbar stretching exercise knee rotation

Behind this complicated term, another perfect stretch to relax.

Lying on your back, raise your legs, keeping your feet on the ground. Your arms are placed apart on each side, palms down.

You will then perform a rotation of the knees, without taking off the top of the bust. These should form a right angle with your upper body. Gently move from side to side!

Cat pose (or cat’s back)

cat posture back stretches

The posture of the cat consists of doing the big back! Thus, on all fours, hands placed flat on the ground, you will round your back. Your gaze is directed towards the ground, a little behind, in order to keep the rounded effect.

The shoulder stretch

streching exercise shoulder stretch

To relieve shoulder tension, there are many stretches. Our favorite for this relaxation session is to stretch backwards.

Behind your back, hold your hands together, elbows bent against you. Then stretch out your arms!

Other ideas to relax in addition to stretching

massage to relax

Health professionals highlighted the positive effects of relaxation in a nursing journal. The latter offered massages, reflexology or aromatherapy for their cancer patients. They found in the latter a reduction in the symptoms of which they complained!

Relaxing therefore has a strong impact on our physical health. There is also a positive impact on our morale! Like stretching, massages release tension in the muscles. The same goes for the other pro-tested exercises above.

There are also methods dedicated to appeasement, such as sophrology or meditation. These practices, sometimes considered esoteric, are in fact excellent for relaxing you. By being more zen, your body will also be less prone to tension.

It is also important to adopt lifestyle habits that limit stress. The latter is sometimes inevitable: stressful work or personal situations, important events… But often, stress is also linked to things on which we can act directly. On the one hand, the organization can help you: determine your priorities and your daily objectives. On the other hand, stress can be the consequence (or the cause) of a more particular malaise. In this case, and if the moments of relaxation are not enough to ease the tensions, consult a health professional!

If you’re used to feeling tense, stretching and these alternatives will help!

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Stretching to relax: how stretching relaxes!

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