The IGS Toulouse Group and Capgemini join forces to hire new talent » PACA’s economic and political letter

The IGS Group and Capgemini are joining forces to hire new talent from the start of the next school year.

The IGS-RH Toulouse school is launching a tailor-made work-study program with Capgemini to recruit future managers in charge of recruitment operations in the information technology sector in September 2022.

Hiring talent today is an essential strategic axis in this world of recruitment professions in the IT sector (the information technology sector).

The digital market is very dynamic, with a growing demand for digital transformation projects by companies, and an increasingly strong attraction for these new professions. This demand comes from ESN (Digital Services Companies) and large organizations operating in all economic sectors (industry, banking, aerospace, retail, etc.) but also startups. In France, nearly 232,000 positions will need to be filled by 2027 in the digital sector.

The professionalization of recruiters in the IT field is becoming a major issue in a highly competitive ecosystem. This is why the IGS-RH Toulouse school and Capgemini are launching the training “Head of Human Resources Management IT Talent Acquisition Specialization”, a full-distance course dedicated to future HR managers in charge of recruitment operations. They must demonstrate agility to support change.

A course devoted to attracting, acquiring and retaining talent, coupled with a specialization in IT/engineering professions, will allow future graduates to put into perspective and anticipate the challenges of this changing sector.

The twenty-five trainees selected throughout France will be able to access a permanent position within Capgemini at the end of this 18-month training.

About the IGS Group : founded in 1975, the IGS Group is a federation of independent non-profit associations (law 1901), whose vocation is initial and continuing training, work-study, apprenticeship and professional integration in 8 sectors of skills and business expertise. This major player in job training and the development of know-how and interpersonal skills benefits from a triple presence internationally (Dublin, Shanghai, Casablanca) and in France (Paris, Lyon and Toulouse). With 45 years of educational innovation, the IGS Group offers more than 200 programs from Bac to Bac+8. It trains 15,000 people every day, including 8,600 apprentices and work-study contracts. Each year, graduates join a network of 74,000 alumni, including 19,000 in the HR function and 9,000 partner companies. The IGS Group supports people and companies in the success of their professional projects thanks to a range of training courses unique in France by its richness and diversity with diplomas and titles approved or certified by the State. The IGS Group has 4 research laboratories, 3 incubators and 1 third educational places including Learning lab and fab lab.

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The IGS Toulouse Group and Capgemini join forces to hire new talent » PACA’s economic and political letter

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