Presidential 2022: how Zemmour imposes its law on the right

Three months after his sensational entry into the atmosphere, Eric Zemmour continues to reshuffle the presidential cards. While commentators had buried him after his slip in the polls in early December, the far-right polemicist managed to catch up and is now ahead of LR candidate Valérie Pécresse. He even foresees the second round, taking the best of Marine Le Pen in the latest Ifop survey. Paradox of his candidacy: he is both the most rejected in the second round scenarios, swept away by Emmanuel Macron (62%-38%), and the only dynamic one.


The candidate Reconquest! pushed the identity sliders to the maximum and awakened the country’s anxieties. His controversial theses on immigration, Islam, identity, met with unexpected success in public opinion. Like him, 69% of French people believe that there are “too many immigrants” in France, 62% make the link between immigration and insecurity and 68% consider Islam as a “threat” to the identity of France. , according to Ifop. As for the “great replacement”, the sulphurous theory of the writer Renaud Camus which he claims, it is now shared by one in two French people. The candidate dictates the tone of the campaign and pushes his ideological advantage. During the LR primary, it was his obsessions that were discussed on the sets. And its line which has imposed itself at the heart of the Pécresse campaign, through Eric Ciotti. “My competitors understood that I was the only one to have felt the deep current of the country,” he boasts. His style is surprising. With a sense of drama and polished images of his meetings in Villepinte or Mont Saint-Michel, he quickly became the main attraction of a lackluster campaign.

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Presidential 2022: how Zemmour imposes its law on the right

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