8 tips to improve your beauty routine

Tonic lotion, sunscreen, good water temperature… we don’t necessarily think about it, but it would be enough to add a few small gestures to our beauty routine so that it is absolutely adapted to the skin of our face. In winter, it badly needs specific care and it is good to adopt certain reflexes. Want to upgrade your beauty routine? The editorial staff shares its precious advice with you!

1 – Apply your products from bottom to top

As we age, our skin is less firm and tends to sag (hello the law of attraction). To somewhat counter the phenomenon, do not hesitate to apply your care products (cream, lotion, etc.) starting from the neck and gradually moving up towards the face. In other words, make sure that your gestures are always from the bottom up in order to “stretch your tissues”.

2 – Make facial massages

In the same vein, remember to give yourself regular facial massages using your fingers, a jade roll on or a gua sha, we come to make small circles and/or massage from bottom to top. This allows the various treatments to penetrate well and activate the micro blood and lymphatic circulation of our face.. Thanks to the natural lifting effect!

3 – Use ice to reduce dark circles

The cold is perfect for decongesting puffiness and reducing dark circles. It also helps tighten pores and circulate blood. To upgrade your beauty routine: moisten a small towel that you will leave in the refrigerator for several hours. Just before going to bed, apply it several minutes on your face.

You can repeat the same operation in the morning by this time using ice cubes or “Ice globes” to decongest your bags under the eyes. Be careful to protect your skin to avoid burns. Generally, do not hesitate to leave your care in the fridge in order to maximize the effects during application.

5 – Regularly change your linens

Pillowcase, duvet cover, bath towel, washcloth… we have no idea of ​​the infinite number of bacteria that lodge daily on our linens. These bacteria then settle on the skin of your face and can cause pimples, red patches and other skin problems. The ultimate trick? Wash and renew all your linen very regularly Of house !

6 – Avoid touching the eye contour

This is the area of ​​our face where the skin is the thinnest. Cleansing cream and various cleansers are far too heavy for her. It is by absorbing too much water that the area itself creates the famous unsightly pockets. Avoid this area as much as possible with your classic products and invest at all costs in a specifically formulated treatment for the eye contour.

7 – Add a drop of serum to your foundation

Do you look bad today? Nothing serious. Here is a trick that will give you luminous skin in no time. Add a drop of your serum in the palm of your hand and mix with your foundation. Apply only to the center of the face (in a vertical line, from the forehead to the chin) before stretching everything outwards.

8 – Apply your concealer correctly

Do you have bags under your eyes? Concealer is not a miracle product. The best parade is still a good nap! However, the concealer has an illuminating power that works thanks to an optical effect. If you want to hide your dark circles, pat the product lightly and do not smooth.

Apply in a triangle starting with small dotted lines from the inner corner of the eye straight down to the level of the bottom of the nose. Then move up diagonally to the outer corner of the eye. Spread out without getting out of this triangle and don’t get too close to the root of your lashes.

Small gestures to adopt without further delay to get a new look! We also help you permanently ban bad habits that damage your hair. And we present to you our focus on products with hyaluronic acid.

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8 tips to improve your beauty routine

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