Work, money, love… here are the most frequent dreams of the French (and their meaning)

The dream is the voice of our unconscious. From Freud to Bion, psychoanalysis considers that our dreams convey a personal lesson, linked to our experience. But when we are immersed in the arms of Morpheus, we have common dreams, or which are very similar. According to a survey carried out by Ifopnearly three-quarters of the French dream of their job while seven out of ten admit to having erotic dreams. For the most part (66%), lucid dreams, that is to say in which we are aware of dreaming, take over our nights, while premonitory dreams concern 58% of us.

Work, a major concern

Professional life occupies a prominent place in our nights. Once in a deep sleep, 72% of French women and men often dream of their job. This type of dream would be by far the most common among respondents, all age and gender categories combined, underlines the survey.

According to New dictionary of dreams by Tristan-Frédéric Moir (Editions L’Archipel), dreaming of work can have both positive and negative symbolism. Thus, dreaming of one’s professional daily life can be synonymous with progress and integration into society, as it can signify obsessive neuroses or an absence of affective life.

erotic dreams

Luckily, we don’t just have work in mind. For 69% of respondents, erotic dreams occupy a large part of their nights. They even state that the object of their fantasies is not necessarily their partner or someone they flirt with. The French respondents rather mention a friend or a friend, colleagues, celebrities and even political figures. But what does this type of dream translate to our emotions?

According to our dictionary of dreams, this theme, frequently found in our dreams, can act as compensation. In other words, these dreams are the possibility of expressing a buried physical desire that we tend to censor. If these dreams did not exist, we would strongly feel a lack and an imbalance, a great frustration making us irritable and aggressive. They are therefore healthy and necessary to reveal an inhibited, culturally forbidden, or repressed drive. Depending on certain details of the dream, there may be other meanings, to be discovered in our dictionary of dreams.

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Work, money, love… here are the most frequent dreams of the French (and their meaning)

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