Lidl hits hard with the big return of its flagship robot for less than 50 euros!

Lidl has been a real hit with customers for years. If the brand is renowned for working in the food industry, it also develops many products that make everyday life easier.

Perfect products for everyday life

For years, Lidl has been making a name for itself in the food market. With its products at low prices, it attracted many customers. The latter also find their happiness thanks to the firm.

In the midst of inflation, Lidl offers products appreciated by all and at low prices. But that’s not all. The firm also sells products that considerably improve one’s daily life.

Kitchen appliances, clothing collection, wellness products, she never misses an opportunity to seduce the Web. For example, she released a new thalasso foot bath a few days ago.

On her Instagram account, she decided to promote it. Lidl told its customers: “The Medisana thalasso foot bath offers you a moment of relaxation. And this, thanks to its massage rollers ».

“But also its interchangeable pedicure accessories. After a long day, it’s really great”. Available at a price of 19.99 euros, this small foot bath has unanimity with customers.

A coffee machine that everyone loves

One thing is certain, Lidl thinks about the well-being of its customers. To satisfy some of them, the brand has also put on sale a product that has clearly been a hit. It’s about a Coffee machine.

Two days ago, Lidl shared a new photo on their Instagram account to announce the arrival of their product. The brand revealed: “For good quality coffee, nothing better than the coffee grinder Silvercrest! ».

Before emphasizing: “With its transparent lid, control the fineness of the grind to make the coffee of your dreams”. Available at the low price of 13.99 euros, the coffee machine has also been a real success with customers.

Some have also confided: “I own this one, it’s a great coffee. », « Ah, but it’s great. I have one it is just perfect. “but also” He is top of the top, real coffee when you wake up. Since then I only buy coffee beans ».

A netizen nevertheless revealed: “Mine started giving off a strong odor. And to heat up to finally give up the ghost after two years. Shame “. Despite everything, this coffee machine has managed to seduce a large majority of customers.

Lidl’s pastry robot is making a comeback

If Lidl is a real hit with its new arrivals, an old product loved by everyone has made a comeback. Since this Thursday, August 4, the Silvercrest food processor is available again on the shelf.

Very good news for those who want to get into baking. Or who wants to change their old robot. In addition, Lidl’s product is sold for less than 50 euros.

A very low price compared to the market. As a reminder, the brand is doing everything possible to challenge the competition. It is very often located 20 euros cheaper than opposite.

This pastry robot has a capacity of five liters. It also has a lid which is great for preventing spills. With its many whips, it will clearly make your life easier.

In contrast, the robot Lidl risks finding itself out of stock very quickly!

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Lidl hits hard with the big return of its flagship robot for less than 50 euros!

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