Here are 10 most common dreams and their meanings

Dreams would have the ability to subconsciously express certain desires, fears or desires, especially if they are recurrent.

If you woke up with vivid images of a dream still imprinted in your memory, this article might interest you!

According to a survey conducted by Amerisleepthese dreams are the most often reported and common.

At the same time, we reveal some theories on the meaning they could have.

10. Being late, missing the bus, train or plane (25.5%)

The most plausible meaning of this dream is stress and anxiety. It may be that the anticipation of a particular event that is coming is causing these dreams or even an overly intense lifestyle.

9. Spinning around or moving very slowly (25.8%)

If you dream that you are walking, or running, but not going anywhere, it could possibly be due to a busy schedule.

8. Getting lost (27.1%)

Several interpretations of this dream are offered, but the most common would be a disconnect between your current life and the one you would like to live. You are not living your full potential and feel that a change needs to take place.

7. Losing teeth (27.3%)

This dream can represent mourning, or a major change that is currently taking place in your life. You may also just need to go to the dentist (and think about your upcoming annual appointment).

6. Dying or the death of a loved one (29.5%)

This type of dream can be disturbing, but should not be interpreted literally. To dream of the death of a loved one may represent the fear of losing that person in our life or even a transformation of that person. If one dreams of one’s own death, it can mean an important change in one’s life, a renewal.

5. Steal (32.6%)

This dream can bring a liberating feeling if your flight is peaceful and fun. It signifies that you are in control of your life or of a particular situation. If your flight is dangerous or stressful, however, it can mean a feeling of loss of control.

4. Not being prepared for an event or test (34%)

This dream might express a fear of not being prepared for all eventualities and some uncertainty in your life.

3. Go back to school (37.9%)

If you dream that you return to your old school, secondary, elementary, Cégep or university, it expresses a return to your sources or certain lessons learned in the past which will be useful to you in the future.

2. Being chased (50.9%)

A dream not restful at all which is very frequent! It means that you are ignoring certain stressful situations in your life, whether financial, relational or professional. It’s time to face your demons!

1. Fall (53.5%)

The most frequent dream? It is to fall. It comes to reflect a feeling of inferiority or insecurity in your life. Maybe you are afraid of failing a certain task in a project.

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Here are 10 most common dreams and their meanings

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