Dreaming of someone we like: what possible interpretations?

Do you tend to often dream about the person you like and it bothers you? Does that mean I have to tell him about it? Is it reciprocal? So many questions may be swirling around in your head. We tried to answer it with Sylvane Her handanalyst Jungian dreams and sophrologist.

dream of a crush : a more complicated interpretation than we think

You dreamed of a person you like, instantly Google the scenario and came across explanations like “it’s a sign that it’s time to express your love to him”? Not so fast. This interpretation is a bit hasty and could give you false hope. “I read a lot of explanations on the Internet that don’t really make sense”, regrets Sylvane Her handanalyst Jungian dreams and sophrologist.

Dreaming of someone we like is often enjoyable. We are all tempted to take that for a sign from our unconscious that whispers to us: “go-y, tell him you like it!“But things are actually a bit more complex. “Dreams invite us to journey towards understanding ourselves”, explains the specialist before diving into the heart of the explanations.

To interpret this dream, you have to get out of the interpretation scheme of the one who does it: “You have to question an unconscious part of yourself to which you don’t have special access without the help of a specialist,” she says. It is also necessary to take into consideration all the sensations felt during this dream.Also collect your impressions when waking up. It’s essential,” she says.

How dreaming of a person we like is an invitation to introspection?

Dreaming about a man or woman you love is not necessarily related to your love or interest in this person. You are the main concerned, no matter the scenario. “In the Jungian interpretation of dreams, the symbolic reading of the characters in our dreams always represents a part of who we are. If it’s a male figure, it’s the male part of ourselves, if it’s a woman, the female part of ourselves.

Interpreting this dream requires a lot of honesty about our feelings. “We will have to determine what we like so much about this individual”, warns Sylvane Her hand. He or she can evoke comfort, security, self-confidenceOr other. “Then ask yourself if this quality fulfills a need, lack or desire that you have and why? “, she adds.

The quality in question is personified through this person. To interpret this dream, Sylvane Her hand recommends relying on the philosophy Jungian by focusing on the symbolism of the characters, the setting and the atmosphere.

Dreaming of a person we like: a call to listen

All dreams are journeys into the unconscious. They teach us a lot about ourselves. “They can reveal to us real hidden parts, a gray area that we refuse to explore”, advances the specialist.

If you tend to fall for artists, whether your crush of the moment is a musician and that you often dream of him, “it may be a way of telling you that you have put aside this part of yourself and that you live it through the other”. The subject of your dream can also aim to lift your dark side. Maybe it’s time to lift your social mask, also called “persona”, by Carl Gustav Jung, famous psychoanalyst.

The male figure and the female figure in dreams

Dreaming of a man we like when one is a woman is none other than the manifestation of the masculine present in us. “According to Jung, this represents theanimuswhich is the active part of yourself, the one that represents speaking out, asserting yourself and taking action.” Clearly, if you dream of your crush who speaks to you, it means that “this animus inside of you, supports you in your capacity to act”, according to the specialist. If, in your dream, you seem receptive to his words, it is a sign of an inner alliance between your masculine and your feminine.

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Dreaming of someone we like: what possible interpretations?

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