Clairvoyance, a divinatory art in development – Challenges

Belief 2021: doubts and fear of the future

At a time when the whole world is undergoing a health crisis that is dragging on, doubts about the future are more than ever in the heads of all French people. They fear a new outbreak of the epidemic in the coming months. They no longer know what speech to listen to in order to be reassured. In a modern society where conspiracy theories invade social media, people are wondering. She seeks solace by turning to the parallel sciences. Does this explain the current boom in the divinatory arts? No doubt, but other reasons complete the picture. According to a recent study by the IFOP carried out for the magazine “Current Woman”, 63% of respondents (men and women) believe in the divinatory arts. This trend can be explained by the diversity of media offered and the ease of remote consultation.

Belief 2021: online clairvoyance is becoming more democratic

The poll results indicate that belief in astrology tops the charts. More than 41% of followers of this discipline rely on their daily horoscope. In 2020, almost 21% of French people have already consulted an online clairvoyance site. To find out about its near future, just call or connect to the site of the Cabinet KLD Clairvoyance at any time of day or night. This ease of connection appeals to all generations. Moreover, young people (75% of respondents under 35) are now passionate about online astrology. In addition, the digitization of society makes it very easy to consult a clairvoyance site. Social networks and online predictions help popularize parallel sciences among Internet users. In the current economic context, there is therefore no shortage of business opportunities in the field of clairvoyance!

Belief 2021: the need to be listened to and supported

Whether through the success of cartomancy (23% of respondents appreciate it), clairvoyance and numerology (acclaimed by 26% of respondents), the divinatory arts are attracting more and more people. Between fad, psychological approach or search for personal development, parallel sciences guide and reassure. Thanks to easy access to the Internet, sighted people listen and respond to the anxieties of the French. All consultation media and content are accessible without paying and without the need to subscribe, but clairvoyance consultation remains chargeable. In the field of clairvoyance, women represent nearly 80% of the clientele. Using new technologies, they do not hesitate to ask for several consultations a year. Consequently, the sector of online divinatory arts is set to develop more and more. The figures testify to this dazzling success with more than 100,000 clairvoyance professionals and more than 15 million consultations per year in France!

In summary, the divinatory arts make it possible to respond discreetly and quickly to personal questions concerning family, work and money. Each year, this sector attracts nearly 3 million customers throughout France. Finally, the average annual turnover of clairvoyance exceeds 3 billion euros!

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Clairvoyance, a divinatory art in development – Challenges

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