What if we learned numerology to work on our well-being?

A few days ago, the editorial staff met the bubbly Isabelle, creator of the organization The Alchemist of Numbers. Falling into the pot of numerology and tarot 28 years ago, she decided to make it her job. Based in Ardèche, she has a practice for her consultations and has also created a school on the internet to teach numerology to all those who wish. How can numerology participate in our well-being? This is what we are going to show you…

Rainbow Numerology: Replacing Numbers with Colors

When we seek to have a clear vision on your life path, a lot of tools can help us. Because she knows how much numbers can destabilize more than one person, Isabelle has created her own formula: living numerology. She uses it both for her private consultations and in the teaching she provides to her students:

“The numerology that we learn in books tends to ‘break up’ explanations. This is why I study all the numbers of a chart. The encounter between the numbers will reveal the vibrations. And the association with the major arcana of the Tarot will give depth. I had my own calculation software developed. My numerological analysis is based on the marital status of birth. Surname, first names and date of birth »

Since ancient times, every number and digit has had a powerful meaning. Wishing to push her concept further, Isabelle decided to replace numbers with colors. So she created the rainbow numerology which replaces the famous 9 digits of classic numerology with the 9 colors of the rainbow, because as she explains:

“A lot of people don’t like numbers. They immediately assimilate them to mathematics or accounting. So I developed a second software based only on colors. Each of my clients leaves with their own instructions, their theme of life and the agenda that corresponds to their year »

The goal ? Allow the person to develop their intuitionnot, learning to know each other and above all, being able to predict:

“If, for example, March 6 is indicated as a day when you will have difficulty communicating, this saves you having to make an appointment with the banker! »

Thanks to the rainbow numerology, we can therefore better know who we are and above all, where we are and what is our mission. Isn’t that the most precious thing?

Become an Alchemist of Numbers

When she founds The Alchemist of NumbersIsabelle’s goal is very clear: to transmit. She coaches her students and teaches them her methods so that they in turn become seasoned, serious and experienced professionals. remain attentive to the signs that our body sends us.

“I even have approval from the Rhône-Alpes region as a training body. I started during confinement and 35 students have already joined my school. If the students graduate and settle down, they are referenced on my site. It is a guarantee of reliability for all individuals who wish to consult a numerologist »

The idea is for everyone to be able to put your finger on such and such an element that could prevent him from feeling good in his body. By the way, if you’re wondering how does a so-called classic consultation with Isabelle take placehere are some answers:

“I use only one or my two software(s). Then, we approach the subject of the personality of the client, thanks to his marital status. I work with a tree. The roots allow me to tell you what you need to evolve. The trunk, the way people perceive you. And the summit corresponds to the path that leads to your fulfillment as well as to your needs. Your date of birth indicates the road you will follow and all the vibrations that you will experience”

Isabelle insists on this point, she is not a madam irma. Numerology does not allow him to predict the future, but rather toestablish the energy of the different periods that punctuate a life. It indicates which weapons to use and above all, how to take advantage of all these energies in order to take care of our vulnerabilities :

“When the numbers intersect, it gives the possibility that some things happen and others don’t. My favorite sentence which is a quote from Auguste Comte is: “to know in order to foresee, in order to be able“. I am convinced that we all have power over what happens to us”

Focus on yourself with numerology

Naturally, the editors therefore asked themselves: when is the best time to consult a numerologist? And for the professional, there is not really a precise date, but rather an impulse:

“The right time is when you need to know where you are and where/who to head to. It is essential to know if your current life is adapted to your personality. You have to be aligned with what you are and stop trying to be what you are not.

A consultation can come at the right time, for example, if you are in the midst of a life change or reorganization: grief, divorce, job loss… The consultation allows you to regain awareness of your skills, to stop fighting against yourself and to find yourself again”

A well-being that you can totally extend by becoming a numerologist yourself, if numerology speaks to us, attracts us. Handpicked, the students of the organization L’Alchimiste des Numbers will work around ethics, respectas Isabelle explains:

“Professional training is long. I offer support in knowledge and installation. I oversee my students for at least a year so that they benefit as much as possible from my experience »

And if you wonder if you are ready to become an Alchemist of Numbersyou might stick to the profile because:

“I simply ask for sincerity and above all, diligence. It is true that it does not fall from the sky, there are a lot of training and exercises. And you have to know how to count up to 9 (laughs)! You also have to want to help others, not be in power, judgment and be benevolent.

What awaits us in March 2022?

To end this enriching interview, the editorial staff allowed themselves a little pleasure that Isabelle granted them with a smile and good humor. We indeed wanted to know what are the numerological moods of the month of March 2022 :

“I am just closing them! I can tell you that March will be synonymous with an end, a culmination. We’ll all be getting ready to move on for spring. We finally break away from what happened last year, we make choices and we listen to our hearts. April will come to open us so it is imperative to get rid of everything that is wrong with the month of March. Clean up and detach yourself from what binds you, scares you and prevents you from moving forward »

The famous letting go… This is one of the most important missions that we will all have to carry out. Because understanding and transcending the past can transform the future. What if the month of March was also an opportunity to leave the negative behind us and start a new adventure?

Want to take advantage of Isabelle’s kindness and know-how? To take a journey towards the harmony of your being? To know the purpose of your life path? Find it on Thealchemistofnumbers.fr.

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What if we learned numerology to work on our well-being?

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