Test: the woman you would like to be friends with says a lot about your personality

Since the health crisis, people have spent more and more time at home. So, they browsed the web and discovered a whole bunch of viral games. Indeed, it was the way to change their minds and these people kept their habits. Moreover, dear readers ofObjeko, we know you love visual games. So, in this article, we have shared with you a personality test that allows you to know a little more about your hidden facets.

Personality Test: Which Woman Are You Really?

Life is full of surprises and encounters. Indeed, we all meet a lot of people in our lives. With some, the chemistry is automatic and we immediately feel very close. In a quarter of a second, we meet a person’s gaze and we know that we know that this person will be part of our life. Indeed, from the first look, we know that we are going to get along well. We know nothing of this stranger and yet the connection is immediate and it cannot be explained. Whether in the field of love or friendship for that matter. So, this personality test asks you to choose between one of the four women below. Which one attracts you the most?

Personality test: who do you think is the friendliest woman?

Check out the image below which features four different women. Working girls, a pregnant woman and another carrying a dog. To carry out this personality test, nothing could be simpler, just choose one of them and discover the meaning in this article. Know that there is no mistake. Each woman corresponds to a type of temperament and translates certain things about your character. Are you off to try today’s game? Do not think and listen to your first impression.

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Woman No. 1

If you chose the first woman, it means that you are a rather optimistic person. Indeed, you love life, you enjoy it and you always see the glass as half full rather than half empty. In addition, you like meeting new people and you have a lot of self-confidence. You don’t hesitate to approach people and you are very curious, in a good way. Those around you often rely on your trust and ask your opinion on things. The only advice we can give you is to watch out for people who might take advantage of your time and kindness.

Woman No. 2

According to the answer to this personality test, your head is full of dreams. So you are ready to do anything to achieve your ambition. Your determination and motivation are flawless. You have planned everything in your life and you know exactly where you want to go. The work doesn’t scare you as long as it’s passionate and meaningful to you. The negative side is that you impress people. So they don’t dare come and talk to you. Indeed, they may feel some discomfort. Try to relax and get on their level so that those around you don’t feel intimidated. As soon as they get to know you, they will be delighted and will be carried away by your unfailing motivation.

Woman No. 3

If you chose the woman with the dog, you are a born artist! Indeed, you are a little introverted and reserved. So you express your emotions through creation. You are a big dreamer and spirituality is part of your life. Therefore, you don’t mind being alone. On the contrary, it is the way to recharge your batteries. The less positive side is that you don’t meet many people since you stay at home. Try to open up a bit to the world…

Woman #4

If you had a middle name, it would definitely be ” pragmatism “. You have a “hard” head as they say. Indeed, you are very logical, organized and it is difficult to make you change your mind. The object of the game would be to get out of your comfort zone and be spontaneous. What if you left things to chance? It is often said that he does it well!

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Test: the woman you would like to be friends with says a lot about your personality

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