WoW, Elemental Shaman DPS MM+ guide on Dragonflight

Looking for a complete guide for the Elemental Shaman of World of Warcraft in order to remotely DPS in MM+ Mythic Dungeons on Dragonflight ? Discover our guide presenting the best talents with a complete tree, the consumables as well as the stats to favor to perform well in MM+ with your Elemental Shaman.

Update : Updated Monday, December 5.

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Dragonflight Elemental Shaman Talents Guide

These talents are recommended for fairly standard use in Mythic Dungeons where you will need DPS as well as helping your group as much as possible with your control spells.

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In the general part of the talent tree

  • No talent seems really optional here. The idea is to maximize your DPS without sacrificing too much control and resistance.

In the Basic part of the talent tree

Stats to favor in Elemental Shaman

Our secondary stat hierarchy for an Elemental Shaman in MM+ takes into account the use of the talents listed at the top of this guide. The values ​​will evolve according to your equipment as well as the content. Note that for a DPS, the item level is generally the most important since it determines the total Intelligence, the strongest stat at this position.

Otherwise, Haste is the main statit increases your casting speed as well as your attack speed.

Item Level > Haste = Critical > Mastery > Versatility

Note that we recommend using software such as Simcraft or RaidBots in order to test piece by piece, point by point, the gain in DPS according to your equipment. While specs have fairly clear gaps between secondary stats, that’s not always the case and each gear is different. Thus, your results will be more accurate by using a simulation tool to compare.

Enchantments for the Elemental Shaman

Enchantments allow you to balance your stats (see above) and generally increase the efficiency of your character. It is recommended to add only on the parts that you intend to keep a minimum. Also, be aware that it is possible to replace one enchantment with another, but you will lose the first one.

Consumables for the Elemental Shaman in Dragonflight

In terms of consumables to use as an Elemental Shaman in Mythic Dungeons+, some of them will depend on the level of the key and your ambitions. Thus, below 10, it is generally not necessary to use premium consumables. On the other hand, beyond 18-20, you will have to use combat potions as often as possible as well as all the usual necessities.

For the Flask (Phial in English), the latter only lasts 30 minutes but can be accumulated twice (for a total of 1 hour).

An important element regarding the Invis Potion which allows you to avoid monster packs and thus save time in a Mythic key. This must be used out of combat and any action will immediately end its effect.

Elemental Shaman, a good DPS in MM+ on Dragonflight?

Coming out of Dragonflight, the Elemental Shaman is a viable ranged DPS in MM+.

Mythic+ Elemental Shaman in Dragonflight is quite limited. The utilities that the class brings are not unique. Despite owning the BL via hero, the elemental will struggle to make a place for itself in Mythic+ due to decent but no more DPS and limited survivability compared to the best options at this position. However, it will be fully capable of clearing +15s without issue with an optimized group.

Therefore, the Elemental Shaman will be a viable choice but who will experience difficulties at higher levels at the launch of Dragonflight Season 1 for DPS in MM+. For more information, we recommend that you consult our tier list on the best remote DPS in Mythic Dungeons on Dragonflight.

So here is our Elemental Shaman DPS guide for WoW Mythic + MM+ Dungeons on Dragonflight. For other positions, you can find our tier list of the best Dragonflight ranged DPS in MM+ (coming soon) as well as our overall list of best classes and specializations in MM+.

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WoW, Elemental Shaman DPS MM+ guide on Dragonflight

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