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These are the biggest questions and mysteries Season 4 of The Umbrella Academy must answer before the Hargreeves family album can be closed for good. From the very beginning, Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy has been filled with puzzles, from the origin of the siblings’ superpowers to the unexplained death of Ben Hargreeves. Season 3 of Umbrella Academy manages to at least partially answer some of these questions. Sir Reginald reveals his ultimate goal from the very beginning was to reset the universe to resurrect his beloved Abigail, while Number Five is unveiled as the Commission’s secret founder in an ironic twist.

For every The Umbrella Academy season 3 mystery answered, however, 43 more are seemingly tossed onto the pile. The Hargreeves family’s exit into Oblivion vastly expands the fictional universe of Netflix’s live-action adaptation, and a shocking final scene sets up season 4 in the most elusive and ambiguous way possible, providing only vague clues. on where The Umbrella Academy’s reality story will head next.

Wherever it is, this is the very last stop on the Hargreeves train. Netflix has confirmed Season 4 of The Umbrella Academy as the final chapter in its TV take on the Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá comics, which means any lingering plot points must be unraveled here, lest they are forever tied like the biggest ball of string in the world.

Where is Sloane after season 3 of The Umbrella Academy?

The most explicit mystery setup in The Umbrella Academy season 4 is Sloane’s unexplained disappearance. After Sir Reginald Hargreeves and Allison conspire to reset the universe, the remaining Umbrella and Sparrow siblings find themselves dropped into the remade universe, including even the recently deceased Luther. Only Sloane fails to materialize, and Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy ends with Luther frantically leaving to find her with Klaus following close behind. Since there’s no obvious reason for Sloane to be absent from The Umbrella Academy Season 3 finale scene, his whereabouts will inevitably be a major topic of conversation at the start of Season 4.

Perhaps Sir Reginald and Allison hold the answer to The Umbrella Academy’s Sloane mystery. The patriarch Hargreeves might have sent his floating daughter Sparrow back on the adventurous journeys she had always dreamed of, or maybe a jealous Allison wiped out Luther’s wife. The title of Sloane’s “Jetset Life” travel guide might also provide an ominous clue – “The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You” is a song by Gerard Way’s band My Chemical Romance. Alternatively, something may have gone wrong with Sloane’s connection to the Universal Reset Machine, leaving her unconnected to a specific reality.

Why did the Umbrella Academy lose its powers?

The Hargreeves siblings lose more than Sloane after Allison presses the big red button – each of their superpowers disappears as well. More resonance for Viktor, alakazam ghosts for Klaus, or occasional super-strength for Luther. One possible explanation for this sudden helplessness is that Sir Reginald programmed reality so that his children’s powers would fade away, ensuring that they couldn’t reverse the Universal Reset. More likely, however, the powers of the Hargreeves siblings were lost when the Universal Reset was created. To achieve his goal, Sir Reginald needed seven children carrying the firefly-like worry particles (which provide their extraordinary abilities) to stand in a specific pattern on the floor of Oblivion. Once in position, The Umbrella Academy shows these lights visibly leaving their bodies during the process, implying that the machine is burning all of their worry particles as fuel.

It seems unlikely that The Umbrella Academy Season 4 won’t feature any super-powered protagonists, which means audiences can reasonably expect the gang to get their freebies back sooner or later. Worry particles came from somewhere, so there must be more out there in the vast expanses of time and space. Thanks to Harlan’s transformation in The Umbrella Academy Season 2, a precedent was also set for worry sharing, which could come in handy during the Season 4 drought.

Why does Ben take the subway in the post-credits of Umbrella Academy S3?

The post-credits scene from season 3 of Umbrella Academy shows Ben Hargreeves peacefully riding a subway train in Seoul, South Korea. Dressed in a smart suit and reading a book, Ben looks every inch the typical commuter commuting to work in the city. Umbrella Academy showrunner Steve Blackman confirmed it was Sparrow Ben — the same version Justin H. Min portrayed throughout Season 3 — and advised confused fans to ask the place “what is he doing in a Korean subway train reading a book about pottery? »

So what is Ben doing on a Korean subway train while reading a book about pottery? Based on the (very) few details provided so far, Ben could just lead a normal life. Sir Reginald has reset the universe, the Hargreeves siblings are powerless, and The Umbrella Academy Season 3 ends with the gang breaking up as Lila suggests they each lead normal lives. This may be precisely what Ben does in a Seoul subway… assuming, of course, that the remaining heroes of The Umbrella Academy haven’t hatched a cunning plan to defeat Reginald that somehow involves another of ancient pottery.

What was Jennifer’s incident?

The Umbrella Academy has been chaining viewers to the circumstances of Ben’s death from the very beginning. Season 1 revealed Ben’s passing, while Season 2 strongly suggested the tragedy happened on a mission gone wrong. Umbrella Academy Season 3’s only breadcrumb trail is ‘the Jennifer incident’, which is mentioned by both Luther and Klaus, while Viktor discovers that Sparrow Ben has drawn many passionate sketches of this mysterious girl. . The Umbrella Academy declines to give further details, leaving Season 4 to fill in the remaining gaps in Ben Hargreeves’ ending.

“The Jennifer Incident” has its roots in the Way and Bá comics, but the phrase (and Jennifer herself) are merely referenced in passing, with The Umbrella Academy sources yet to explain its true meaning. . Looking at the divergent lives of Umbrella and Sparrow Bens, the most logical conclusion would be that Ben, the benevolent original, died saving a girl called Jennifer, while the colder Sparrow Ben did not ( or could not). Not only would this explain why Ben died at the start of The Umbrella Academy, but also why his counterpart Sparrow survived.

Why did Five launch the commission (and when?)

One of the biggest (and most frustrating) revelations of The Umbrella Academy Season 3 is that Number Five created the Commission, and an older version of the time traveler had been secretly presiding over Time HQ all along. The aforementioned frustration arises because The Umbrella Academy quickly moves on from this groundbreaking detail without ever digging into Five’s motives for establishing the Commission, revealing when in The Umbrella Academy’s labyrinthine timeline he did it, or addressing the seismic ripples that Five’s involvement with the Commission sends through Seasons 1 and 2 when the organization were despicable villains.

The Umbrella Academy season 3 eldest child, Five, has lost an arm, an injury sustained during the Oblivion mission, but healed by Sir Reginald’s Universal Reset. Maybe Commission Five comes from a timeline where Reginald failed, or maybe a version of Five was pulled from his timeline moments before the universe was altered in an effort to steer the world. story on a different path. Whatever the truth, Season 4 of The Umbrella Academy has to provide the creation of Five’s Commission with the narrative space required for such a dramatic note. Audiences might even find out why Five was basically trying to kill himself younger in The Umbrella Academy season 1…

What deal did Sir Reginald make with Allison? Is she dead?!

Devastated after landing in a reality where her daughter never existed, Allison Hargreeves takes a drastically dark turn in The Umbrella Academy season 3 and eventually strikes a deal with her timeline father Sparrow – the details of which are not generally known. never specified. Allison (literally) cuts their arrangement short at the last minute, but despite cutting out Sir Reginald, she completes the process he started by flipping the Oblivion switch and spawning a universe where Hargreeves Enterprises is dominant and Abigail is revived.

But what exactly does Sir Reginald have planned alongside his alternate timeline daughter? Audiences can assume that Allison was promised the reunion of her dreams with her husband Raymond and young daughter Claire in exchange for helping her siblings join the Oblivion mission. It is less clear if Allison negotiated to have her siblings (including Luther) spared. Also, does the happy family reunion that concludes season 3 of The Umbrella Academy take place in the new universe of season 4 or in the afterlife, with Allison sacrificing herself to complete the reset?

Where are Reginald and Abigail Hargreeves from?

Like Ben’s death, Sir Reginald Hargreeves’ origin is a mystery dating back to Episode 1 of The Umbrella Academy. Much like Ben’s death, Season 3 drops a few breadcrumbs without tearing the veil entirely. Reginald (and probably Abigail too) is an alien whose own world has been destroyed. For an untold period of time, the nosy alien searched the universe for ways to revive his wife, eventually finding the Oblivion Gate on Earth and establishing his Umbrella Academy as a way to both overcome the keepers inside and power the machine itself. The Umbrella Academy season 4 is now set to end Sir Reginald’s backstory by revealing his home planet, where he extracted the strange marigold particles from, and how long the man behind the monocle has been traveling around. space in search of answers.

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