Halloween 2022 selection!

Only a few days left to wait to wear your favorite costumes and spend a scary evening surrounded by sweets, horror movies, scary stories or even… a selection of manga specially designed for the occasion! To celebrate the famous Halloween holiday, we offer a selection of manga to devour that will accompany you during this freezing night:

If you rather like stories full of magical creatures and witches in a fantasy world, we advise you to read:

Cover of L'Atelier des Sorciers volume 1The Sorcerer’s Workshop (10 volumes – ongoing series)

Coco has always been fascinated by magic. Alas, only wizards can practice this art and the chosen ones are chosen from birth. One day, Kieffrey, a wizard, arrives in the girl’s village. By spying on her, Coco then understands the true nature of magic and remembers a book of magic and an inkwell that she bought from a mysterious stranger when she was a child. She then exercises in secret. But, in her ignorance, Coco commits a tragic act!
From then on, she becomes the disciple of Kieffrey and will discover a world of which she did not suspect the existence!

Cover of The Sorcerer's Kitchen Volume 1The Wizard’s Kitchen (3 volumes – finished series)

When the cloak of night unfolds over the Atelier, it’s time for Olugio and Kieffrey to let their culinary talents shine! But to delight the taste buds, it is not enough to know how to marry tastes… It is also a question of skilfully performing the spells necessary to extract the delicious flesh from potatoes with shell, to capture the curious umbrella jellyfish or even to sublimate the tangy flavors of rainbow lemons! However, the two chefs of the Atelier have a lot to do to introduce their apprentices to this ancestral art which no longer holds any secrets for them… or almost!

Cover of The Witch and the Beast volume 1The Witch and the Beast (8 volumes – ongoing series)

In this world where supernatural events sometimes wreak havoc, Ashaf and Guido are both sent by the Order of the Black Echo, whose mission is to prevent the excesses caused by sorcery. If Ashaf, an affable and seasoned magician, accomplishes his tasks with good grace, Guido seems to have a more personal plan linked to a particular witch… With revenge as his engine, this rabid beast cannot be hindered in his hunt!

If you prefer to read manga that gives you chills through stories of Yôkai, monsters or ghosts, we advise you to read:

Cover of Noragami volume 1Noragami (24 volumes – ongoing series)

Yato is an all-purpose god, capable of slaying monsters from beyond. But his pride and selfishness make him as unpopular among spirits as among humans. It is this eternal loser that Hiyori thinks to save, at the risk of her life, by preventing her from being knocked down by a bus. On the verge of death, the latter acquires the ability to separate her soul from her body and see the creatures that haunt our world. Stuck with Yato until he makes her human again, she follows him in all his troubles. He has only one goal: to become rich and famous, even if it means fulfilling the riskiest missions…

Cover of Toilet-bound Hanako-kun volume 1Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun (10 volumes – ongoing series)

A rumor is circulating about the existence of seven mysteries that haunt the walls of the Kamome school. Among these unexplained facts, it is said that a spirit by the name of Hanako would be found on the third floor of the oldest building and that it would grant the wish of anyone who came to find it. In second class at this school, Nene Yashiro has a crush on a boy. Yet, despite all his efforts, this love remains one-sided. The young girl sees only one solution: to rely on the legend of Hanako, without suspecting that access to happiness always requires a counterpart…

If you are attracted by more bloody and psychological stories, we advise you to read:

Cover of Denjin N volume 1Denjin N (4 volumes – finished series)

Nasu, a notorious loser living with his alcoholic mother, works as a real minion in a convenience store. His only pleasure in life is to encourage Misaki Kanzaki, a little idol of a group without much success, through his virtual reality helmet. But following an accident as tragic as it is extraordinary, he finds himself capable of “possessing” any electrical system… “N” decides to use this power in order to eliminate all those who will be in the way of Misaki! The police then call on two medium brothers to track down this omnipotent serial killer.

Cover of Murders in the Decagon volume 1Murders in the Decagon

A group of students, members of a crime novel lovers club, go on vacation to the island of Tsunojima. They will reside in the Decagon, a building with surprising architecture created by Seiji Nakamura, who died six months earlier in a fire on the same island. But once there, the group will make a strange discovery: mysterious plaques bearing the words “victim”, “detective” and “guilty” seem to be intended for them. At the same time, another student, a former member of this club, receives a letter… from the dead man. As she tries to find out more, she meets Shimada, a student of Buddhist theology who is also passionate about detective novels and solving mysteries. A double investigation then begins…

If you like stories in survivor mode with little beasts, we advise you to read:

Cover of Shibuya Hell volume 1Shibuya Hell (11 volumes – finished series)

Shibuya, ultra trendy district of Tokyo. 2:50 p.m.
I’ve always hoped that an event would one day shake up my somewhat dreary daily life as a high school student. The kind of twist that the amateur filmmaker that I am can see in his favorite films… but not this kind. I’ve seen passers-by get eaten by these…giant fish, which suddenly appeared, floating all over the neighborhood…These creatures are real. These are neither special effects nor tricks. And they are hungry for human flesh. Me and other survivors try to escape them, but everything suggests that we are indeed stuck in this hell…

Cover of The World of Summoning Chap 1The World of Summoning (8 chapters – ongoing series)

Summoners are beings capable of summoning various “things” from worlds parallel to ours. Tokoyo, a young boy who has never known his parents, dreams of becoming a Summoner. But he hides a big secret that could upset the world as it exists…

If you are a fan of vampires, we advise you to read:

Cover of Bakemonogatari volume 1Bakemonogatari (15 volumes – ongoing series)

Koyomi Araragi is a rather special high school student: bitten by a 500-year-old vampire, he has to deal with extraordinary abilities that make him, despite himself, sensitive to supernatural phenomena… One day, he catches up with Hitagi, one of his comrades class, as she fell down the stairs. What is his surprise when he discovers that she weighs practically nothing! Very quickly, Koyomi realizes that a chimerical entity has taken possession of the young girl and that he will have to come to her aid…

Cover of Rosen Blood volume 1Rosen Blood (4 volumes – ongoing series)

Following a cab accident, Stella wakes up in a splendid mansion, inhabited by four youths. Although upset, the young girl is over the moon when she is offered a job as a servant. She couldn’t have asked for better! But all is not as idyllic as it seems: condemned rooms, spectral moans… The place seems to hide a heavy secret, just like its hosts. Without knowing it, Stella has fallen under the influence of a fatal spell, from which only love could free her.

Cover of Vampire Dormitory volume 1vampire dormitory (9 volumes – ongoing series)

Orphan, Mito is on the street where she survives, disguised as a boy without everyone knowing. So the day she loses her job, her world collapses! Then appears Luka, a distinguished vampire, who offers to host him in his boarding school in exchange for a regular blood donation. Problem: as Mito has never known love, his blood is foul… But Luka, disgusted by the girls, refuses to give up for so little and intends to solve Mito’s problem with a lot of affection! If Mito wants to keep a roof over his head, he will have to keep his secret at all costs…

To your books and happy reading!

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Halloween 2022 selection!

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