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Emma Becker, from prostitution to the life of a young mother

Emma Becker, from prostitution to the life of a young mother. Document delivered

You may have discovered Emma Becker through his latest book, published in 2019, which has caused a lot of talk: The House. In this autofiction – awarded by the France Culture-Télérama student novel prize , she looks back on her two years spent in Berlin and her experience of prostitution. Today, she was once again inspired by her life to write Misconduct in which she recounts her sexual and romantic adventures when she became a mother.

She wonders if one can remain a woman while being a mother, once again questions the relationship between woman and man and the place of desire. And it is in particular to talk to us about this theme that she is coming to meet the people of Strasbourg this week for an interview entitled “Remaining oneself in desire? It should be a question of deconstruction of heterosexual sexuality, self-narrative and appropriation of one’s body: only themes that interest us!

This great dark joy of desire that brings men and women together, it fascinates me, it delights me, it moves me to the depths of myself. It is this desire, life drive that I love and that I want to tell about in my books”.

E. Becker

Meeting Friday, September 9 – 5 p.m. – at the Cité de la Musique et de la Danse (CMD).

Nastassja Martin & Tobie Nathan talk about the world

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Nastassja Martin & Tobie Nathan talk about the world. Document delivered

“How to resist colonial control and the climate crisis? » : a broad question, which we will try to answer Nastassja Martin & Tobie Nathan. She is an anthropologist, specializing in Arctic populations, and comes east of dreams. He is the leader of ethnopsychiatry, this discipline which combines cultural anthropology with methods of clinical psychology. A practice that was born in France from the care of migrant patients with psychological difficulties, in particular following the trauma they suffered during their displacement or which may result from family or linguistic isolation, etc.

Rich in their knowledge, the two authors will discuss migrations, France, the richness of cultures… But also on a world that “is not enough”, shaken by the climatic and social crises that are shaking it.

Meeting Sunday, September 11 – 2 p.m. – CMD.

Lou Lubie and Blanche Sabbah question the place of women in myths and tales

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Lou Lubie and Blanche Sabbah question the place of women in myths and tales. DR Lou Lubie

In the Ideal Libraries, it is not only a question of texts, but also of drawings. It is through comics that the two authors Lou Lubie and Blanche Sabbah question the place of women, in tales for the first time ( And in the end they die ) and in the myths for the second ( Myths and chicks ). With humor and finesse, they both denounce a certain ethics conveyed by these stories, the morality of which is no longer questioned enough, so deeply rooted in our heritage are they.

By allowing himself a step aside, Lou Lubie returns to the first forgotten versions of the tales, marked by violence, not-so-charming princes and oppressed women. For her part, Blanche Sabbah, who is used to popularizing feminist concepts on her Instagram account @Lanuitremueparis , dissects the meaning of myths and what they mean to our society. A meeting that should prove to be more than instructive. Do not hesitate to bring your friends, your brothers, your fathers… It concerns them too!

Meeting Saturday, September 17 – 11 a.m. – Olympe de Gouges Media Library.

Show – what women have to tell us: Annick Cojean, Julie Gayet and Judith Henry

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What women have to tell us: Annick Cojean, Julie Gayet and Judith Henry. Photo DNA /Asapp DR

Who says Ideal Libraries, also says shows, concerts and readings. And this year again, we are very spoiled. Rock-fiction concert Alain Damasio & Yan Pechin setting to music excerpts from his new novel, Listen to the rain fall by Olivia Ruiz musical reading of Simone Schwarz-Bart … and a reading-meeting around the work of Annick Cojean: We wouldn’t have gotten there if…

We are all built by other women.

Gloria Steinem, interviewed by Annick Cojean

World reporter and author, Annick Cojean brings together in this new book the words of women, from the director Céline Sciamma to the historian Mona Ozouf via the unforgettable feminist lawyer Gisèle Halimi. Excerpts from these inspiring testimonies will be read by the two actresses Judith Henry and Julie Gayet after a moment of conversation. The opportunity to learn from the inspiring journeys of these women who knew how to grow and create in a society still very steeped in patriarchy.

Meeting-reading Saturday 17 September – 5.30 p.m. – European Parliament.

Café Libé at the European Parliament

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Café Libé at the European Parliament. DR

The entry of the Ideal Libraries – and therefore of all of us – into the European Parliament is the great novelty of this edition. Most of the meetings over the last weekend – September 15 to 18 – will take place in the institution’s huge hemicycle with more than 800 seats… It has come a long way from the Aubette hall!

And to live an even more unique experience, the festival invites us to come and have a coffee with the illustrator Pochep and journalists Mary Colmant and Gerard Lefort during a breakfast meeting. They will come and talk to us about the great hours of the newspaper Release what they say in their comics Liberation – Our Roaring Twenties , which will be released on September 21. From the years 1980-1996, they retained Marguerite Duras, Clint Eastwood, Chernobyl… And a newspaper which imposed itself in the French media and cultural landscape and in which Marie and Gérard then took their first steps through editorial and interviews with stars of the time.

Meeting Sunday 18 September – 10 a.m. – European Parliament.

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