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While characters like Jacob Kowalski bring a strong element of comedy to the Fantastic Beasts series, Newt’s story didn’t live up to Harry Potter. This has led many to wonder if the franchise as a whole will ever recover. Perhaps it would be more successful if he released films that better matched the charming appeal of Harry’s time at Hogwarts, but that proved difficult to replicate.

Even the Harry Potter movies didn’t perfectly capture the mood of the books. For example, the witty comedy of characters like Professor McGonagall, Ron Weasley, and Harry himself just wasn’t the same in the movies. This is clearly seen by looking at various character quotes in the books, which have been proven time and time again to be funnier than their movie counterparts.

“I assure you that if you die, you don’t need to put it back. »

Minerva McGonagall – Prisoner of Azkaban

Minerva McGonagall was Harry Potter’s most sassy teacher, which shows every year in her interactions with her students. She’s a sensible woman, and when her teenage students give her some nerve, she doesn’t hesitate to give it back.

Sometimes that sass could be a comfort to Harry, like in Prisoner of Azkaban when she told him that Professor Trelawney predicts the death of one student every year. She assured him he was perfectly safe but joked that if she was wrong, she wouldn’t expect him to turn in his Transfiguration homework.

” Good. Get naked. And, Harry, make sure you have a photo. »

Molly Weasley – Goblet of Fire

Many mother-son duos can be tied to Molly and Ron Weasley’s relationship, especially during the latter’s more brooding years. In Goblet of Fire, Ron’s attitude to his family’s lack of wealth comes to a head, and he goes after his used clothes and used books.

However, Molly wouldn’t have it. When Ron announced that he wouldn’t be wearing the evening dress she had given him, she told him he could go naked for whatever mattered to him. Ron may not have found it funny, but it was definitely laughable to Harry and the readers.

“I can make that old dude over there pick his nose…”

Ron Weasley – Goblet of Fire

One of the most frustrating omissions from the Goblet of Fire movie is the complete Quidditch World Cup. The events of the game in the book were thrilling, but by cutting this scene, the film lost several comedic moments.

One of them is Ron’s excitement over his Omnioculars, which Harry had bought him. With them, Ron could zoom into the arena and even replay the events that took place there. Instead of using them to watch players, he found great joy in watching a man repeatedly pick his nose – rude but funny.

“Can I also take a look at Uranus, Lavender?”

Ron Weasley – Goblet of Fire

Many of Ron’s quotes in Harry Potter are humorous, which is precisely what makes him such a fun character. He said all sorts of things one would expect of a teenager, for better or for worse.

In Goblet of Fire, while the Gryffindors were being divined, Lavender Brown asked Professor Trelawney to help her identify a planet, which she learned was Uranus. Of course, Ron couldn’t pass up the opportunity to turn this into a joke. It was precisely the kind of high school charm the books were full of and the movies simply lacked.

“Well, it changes every day, you see. »

Harry Potter – Order of the Phoenix

Harry learned a lot of his nerve from his years living with the Dursleys. Even though it didn’t often bode well for him, he couldn’t help but test their intelligence from time to time. He wasn’t tall or strong enough to fight physically, but his mind was sharp in a way that theirs wasn’t.

During the summer before classes started in the Order of the Phoenix, Harry had taken to watching the news every day, looking for any sign of Voldemort. He didn’t want to explain this to his uncle, so when Vernon asked him why he was “still” watching the news, Harry gave him a clever retort.

“You should be worried about YOU-NO-POO!” »

Fred & George – Half-Blood Prince

Although the rest of Diagon Alley was largely closed, business from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes to Harry Potter was doing very well. The people of the wizarding world needed something to cheer them up, and Fred and George were there to do their best.

Among their most ridiculous items is “You-No-Poo”, a joke product (named after the Dark Lord himself) that causes uncomfortable constipation in unsuspecting victims. Molly Weasley feared the prank would get her sons killed, but if it meant bringing a little comedy to wizards (and readers), they saw it was worth it.

“There’s no need to call me sir, professor. »

Harry Potter – Half-Blood Prince

Because Snape despised Harry so much, he often made the lessons almost unbearable. For the most part, Harry managed to keep his composure under control, but every once in a while he had to let a witty retort slip by.

One of those missing occasions in the Harry Potter movies was when Snape was teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts. Harry had answered a teasing question from the professor with just “yes”, and when Snape reminded him to say “yes, sir”, the cheeky Boy-Who-Lived responded with a quote that earned him gasps (and a detention).

“I told him he was a Hungarian macho. Much more macho. »

Ginny Weasley – Half-Blood Prince

The character of Ginny Weasley has been significantly downplayed in the Harry Potter films. She was tough, smart, and just as funny as Fred and George in the books. However, with little time to explore her on-screen persona, some of her best quotes were cut.

One of them came right after she and Harry had finally started dating. With Harry’s “chosen one” fame, Ginny’s classmates started asking her all kinds of questions about the famous Harry Potter, like he had a hippogriff tattooed on his chest. She answered with an answer that made Harry much harder.

“I’ll do your hand fly, though. »

Ron Weasley – Deathly Hallows

While Rupert Grint nailed Ron’s ways in the Harry Potter films, including his teasing relationship with Harry, much of their friendship dynamic was cut. The duo teased each other constantly, as best friends often do, and that was part of what made them so enjoyable to read about.

Those moments were fewer in Deathly Hallows, but Harry’s 17th birthday at the Burrow gave Ron an opportunity. Officially able to use magic outside of Hogwarts, Harry used his wand to summon his glasses, but they poked him in the eye instead. Laughing, Ron advised Harry against using his misdirected magic to zip up his pants.

“He can run faster than Severus Snape faced with shampoo. »

Fred Weasley – Deathly Hallows

Even after Fred and George couldn’t run their shop, they still did their best to cheer up the masses of the wizarding world. Members of the Order of the Phoenix had started a radio show called Potter Watch (which was left out of the Deathly Hallows films entirely). Although they used aliases, it was easy to recognize the twins’ brand of comedy.

Fred and George reminded people to beware of Voldemort, explaining that the Dark Lord is fast and powerful. However, to lighten the mood, they gave the audience a hilarious mental image of Snape running from a bottle of shampoo. It was one of Fred’s last jokes on the show and it was definitely a good joke.

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Harry Potter: 10 quotes that prove the books are funnier than the movies | Pretty Reel

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